7 Days to Die Wiki

Description[ | ]

In 7 days to die, Weapons, Tools, and Armor have various statistics such as Entity Damage, Block Damage, Durability, Attack Speed, Stamina Loss, Magazine Size, and Weapon Handling. This page aims to disambiguate how Mods, Quality, Stealth, Block Material, Difficulty and other modifiers affect the final statistic in practice.

Mod Power[ | ]

For each mod added to a Weapon, it's power (what stats?) increases by 10% regardless of whether the mod itself has a direct effect on damage. The formula is:

At a Mod Power of 0.4, 40% of the base damage will be added to the final damage.

Quality[ | ]

Each Quality level generally has an equal amount of distance between each grade, disregarding RNG.

Durability[ | ]

For example, a Wooden Club has a fixed durability of 60 at Q1 and 110 at Q6. To find the distance, use the following formula:

In this case,

For this example, each club has a distance of 10 between each grade. A Q1 club starts at 70, A Q2 club will have 80 durability, a Q3 will have 90, so on and so forth. It is important to note that these calculations only apply to the base values which can be found in items.xml. Other items, such as the SMG-5 will have RNG percentage modifiers applied to the base values, making these calculations more difficult.

For the sake of simplicity, this formula should work without having to think about it.

so for a Q6 club:

(6 - 1) x 10 = 50

add 50 to base (50 + 60) = 110

Entity Damage and Block Damage[ | ]

Entity Damage and Block damage are treated differently, instead opting for a +10% modifier each quality level.

Stealth[ | ]

The initial stealth multiplier is 1.5x. Each level of Hidden Strike increases the multiplier by 0.5 up to 4x. Additionally, Crossbows and bows get a special 2x flat multiplier added for their weapon class, while knives get a 4x multiplier. making the highest bow multiplier possible 6x and the highest knife multiplier 8x.

For calculation purposes:

no hidden strike levels:


so for hidden strike 5: 0.5 * 8 = 4 If bow, add 2 = 6. If Knife, add 4 = 8.

it must be remembered that it is still a modification of the base value rather than a flat multiplication. Each modifier is evaluated using the base value first before entering the final damage equation:

Durability[ | ]

On top of Quality, Durability is affected by RNG and DegradationPerUse. The only items with an abnormal DegradationPerUse are the Robotic Sledge, the Robotic Turret, and the Robotic Drone, set at 0.35 rather than 1.

Equation With all modifiers[ | ]

insert equation with quality + RNG + Degperuse

Appropriate Tool[ | ]

See Appropriate Tool

RNG[ | ]

RNG is a random percentage assigned within a specific range defined in items.xml. It can be positive or negative relative to the base value.

where R is a random number within the range as specified in RNG

For example: an SMG-5 has an entity damage modifier of ±15%. Assuming Q1, it has a base entity damage of 32 with normal ammo.

Assuming the maximum roll of +15%: RNG = 0.15 x 32 = 4.8

the final damage of the Q1 SMG will be 32 + 4.8 = 36.8

Entity Damage[ | ]

equation with all possible modifiers goes here

Block Damage[ | ]

equation with all possible modifiers goes here.

Equations[ | ]

(entity and block damage "tier bonus")

(further testing required, equations need touching up for accuracy)

Notes[ | ]

  • AP rounds have a commented out value that would add 30% more Degradation Per Use
  • Admin Tools have a Degradation Per Use value of 0