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This page serves as a reminder of all the bugs that 7 Days to Die has encountered over the many releases during development. For current bugs, check the Known Bugs page. This page is solely for bugs and glitches from releases prior to the current Base version.

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*Auger causes you to fly and not come down, you are unaffected and can pass through other blocks. - Alpha 9.3 ~~~~

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Legacy Bugs[]

Alpha 18[]

  • Alpha 18.4 PC Steam: After roughly 1-2 hours after game start up, game can freeze and/or crash. Reason unknown, as this seems to be quite rare. This could also be an issue with only certain computers, since this has only happened to me as far as my research has found. This could also be an error downloading the game itself forgeting files or an antivirus deleting files.
  • Alpha 18.4 PC Steam: Being AFK for roughly 1-3 minutes causes the game to freeze and/or crash. Reason unknown, as this is quite rare.This could also be an issue with only certain computers, since this has only happened to me as far as my research has found. This could also be an error downloading the game itself forgeting files or an antivirus deleting files.

Alpha 16[]

  • 16.4 PC dedicated Server unplugged. restart resulted in world counter = day 1. two players online at time of crash reset to lvl 1. restored the (steam id player).tpp.bak files for both players and it fixed their characters. Used console command to restore day to day 60 (otherwise traders would not refresh for 60 days). Problem is that sleepers do not re-spawn. almost every building once cleared never has a zombie in it. Items refresh. swarms swarm.. awake zombies are walking around.. but no more sleepers, no more zombies inside buildings. How can you reset sleepers? what file loads sleeper spawn status? Is there a file i can restore to default to fix sleepers without resetting world or it's players?
  • Version 16.2 On MP server, if player dies and re-spawns, other players cannot see the re-spawned player until the player rejoins.
  • Version 16.2 On MP server, if player leaves after death without re-spawning, the player cannot join back and the game client gets stuck in the state of "not responding".
  • Version 16.2 While server restart, disappears all generator/battery/solar banks' content (engines/batteries/fuel/solar panels).
  • Version 16.2 Was stuck on "Starting game" while connecting to server. Problem was solved by deleting multiplayer save folder.

Alpha 15[]

  • Computer - In a multiplayer lan, my friend and i encountered a strange bug with the workstation. It had been full on the output, and my friend crated a minibike seat. Now his skill level would have only made a 146, but i got into the workstation at the end of the crafting, and it output into my inventory as a 323, my crafting level. We tried to replicate this bug, but it seems to have some factors other than just staring at it when it finishes crafting.
  • When I leave my house to go searching for stuff my entire house resets to a certain point. so if I put something in my chests and then I leave, then those things would be gone. And I tried to put a vault hatch down on a bunker I was making, but then I would leave to do stuff, the hatch disappears. If anyone has the same problem, please DM of how to fix it.
  • This occurred in singleplayer - After luring a lot of screamers and killing the hordes, when I die and select an option to respawn the console show up with the message : "ArgumentOutOfRangeException : Argument is out of range. Parameter name : index". After that I get stucked in the loading background screen and can't respawn. If I try to restart my game and load the save it's shows me the death blood screen, the camera stucked looking above on where i'm supposed to respawn and the controls including the ESC will not work until I force the game to close(ALT + F4) .
  • When dismounting from the minibike near a door, it can no longer be interacted with in any way, any attempt to use the bike will instead use the door.
  • When created a random generated world in singleplayer there are some unbreakeable buildings(found this in a settlement on the meds and guns in the seed: CaNtThInK2 location: 1845N 185E )where is not related to trader.
  • pc/computer: on a server i was on the grass had gone glichy and see throu and we never seen the bug before so we did not go into the bug and we almost died from zombies

Alpha 14[]

  • Sometimes when your in game the screen will only be black and white
  • Some of the textures, such as ground, are invisible in Linux version
  • Storage Chest CRASH/KILL a server but Alpha 14.7 - Fill up a couple dozen, or more, chests and then destroy them all quickly. In the case of what happened on my server (hosted at a company not run on my PC) the dropping stone axes filled the floor and suddenly all across my server people couldn't open things. They could move around but that isn't a full game. I need a way to change chests BACK to not drop contents when broken. Also, is there a command in console to cleanup items on the ground? ~~~~ KenJustKen 6/24/2016 of **** The Place ****
  • Storage Chest duplication bug Alpha 14.6 - set 2 chests side by side then place something in left chest then break chest to unlock it, this will double the item and put it into the chest on the right. Should we REALLY be telling everyone these bugs? Would it not be better to send them ONLY to The Fun Pimps? ~~~~ KenJustKen 6/6/2016 of **** The Place ****
  • It is possible to get an infinite amount of gunpowder, bullet casings, and bullet tips, using only two bullets.
  • It is possible to get an infinite amount of molds, using only one of each type.
  • The supply drop Airplane and crate are sometimes invisible to the player. According to player's consoles, the airplane and crate do spawn, but they cannot be seen.
  • Looting animal carcasses will occasionally provide no loot and return an error in the console.
    Furthermore, animal carcasses will sometimes be inaccessible to non-hosts.
  • When playing with other players, it could happen that players have no access to a shared storage, even though the storage is unlocked.
  • Running a Gmod-Dedicated Server before the start of the 7DTD one can lead to a crash as soon as a player tries to connect.
  • Sometimes when crafting large amounts in your inventory, the game freezes and then crashes. When the game is not responding, very often simply waiting will get you back in the game so you won't lose all the stuff you're crafting. This may take a couple minutes however.
  • When falling on Wood Log Spikes, the player is unable to move thus dying on the spikes.
  • Crafting a "farm of" or numerous nightstands allows a player to harvest a near infinite quantity of resources such as ammo and pistols.
  • Players can sometimes walk through wooden barriers on doorways inside houses.
  • Shooting an oil barrel or TNT with a bow does trigger, while the crossbow does not. 09:33, 25 May 2015 (UTC)
  • Firearms can not shoot through rebar frames. But they can shoot through wood frame, cobblestone frame, iron bar and metal trussing. 09:42, 25 May 2015 (UTC)
  • Zombies sometimes spawn inside the walls of cave tunnels. 14:29, 25 May 2015 (UTC)
  • While sneaking and walking over your bedroll in a 2 high space, there is very small chance of breaking a leg.
  • While climbing up a ladder with a fully upgraded trapdoor on top, there is a slight chance to get launched into the air about 5 blocks high (or much higher in some cases, resulting in death).
  • If you are crafting an item when you die you keep that on respawn. (I was doing around 1000 papers from books and respawned on my bed)

Alpha 11[]

  • The desk safes reset once in a while
  • Zombies can sometimes walk through doors. Players cannot.
  • Pigs and deer often make a weird sound when you loot them with no timer and there is no loot.

Alpha 10[]

  • Host game can have the command window open and stream errors. All zombies and players stop moving, although the time continues.
  • While friendly fire is disabled it is still possible to kill a friend using a sledge hammer to the face.
  • While friendly fire is disabled it is still possible to kill a friend from blunt force trauma due to a club strike to the head.
  • Camp fires and forges make no sound.
  • Items will disappear from cooking fire under a wide variety of conditions (e.g. different players uses same cooking fire, changing stack sizes while cooking, crafting multi-ingredient recipes with different amounts of the different ingredients) similarly to earlier bugs reported as late as of alpha 8.1
  • Attempting to harvest crops with a full inventory will allow the crops to be harvested. This will cause the loss of said crop.
  • When Planting Blueberry seeds too close to each other it will consume a nearby planted. This occurs with potatoes seeds, and goldenrod seeds. While Tree seeds and Corn Seeds do not have this issue.
  • Inputs and outputs all disappear if you exit the game without clearing out the crafting interface.
  • If you sleep underground with a stone wall (or other walls such as soil) you may spawn inside the stone, which you may walk back onto the floor or fall through the stone and constantly fall until you exit and enter the map again. You will respawn on the ground above where you reloaded, which is most likely surface.
  • It is possible to convert items that are used in different recipes that have the same name.

Alpha 9[]

  • Auger causes you to fly and not come down, you are unaffected and can pass through other blocks. - Alpha 9.3 MP
  • Secure storage chests and gun safes can revert to "Untouched" after taking enough damage. - Alpha 9.3 MP
  • Storage containers can become unusable to the player, failing to open even if the container concerned is unlocked. This appears to happen when multiple players are trying to access the same storage container and seems to be worse when the server is experiencing lag. This problem can be resolved if the server host stops the game and restarts the server. Containers seem to work normally again after the server has restarted. - Alpha 9.3 MP
  • Items on the crafting grid (both the input and output blocks) are lost upon saving and loading a game. - Alpha 9.3 MP
  • A Tool placed in the center of the Crafting Grid will be deleted if placed after crafting 2+ Short Iron Pipes into Metal Strips and the Metal Strips have not yet been collected and the Output Slot is then right clicked (as in to collect half a stack of the Metal Strips). - Alpha 9.3 MP
  • Items on the crafting grid (both the input and output blocks) are lost upon saving and loading a game. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Secure storage chests and gun safes can revert to "Untouched" after taking enough damage. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • A player-created and placed container (tested on cabinets and cabinet tops) which was never accessed will revert to an "Untouched" form and will likely contain cobwebs after saving and loading a game. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Corn is tricky to harvest. A fully grown corn plant is 3 blocks tall. When the lowest block is clicked to harvest 3 corn, the rest of the plant falls down and may disappear. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Damage dealt to animals seems to be reversed - pigs or deer take 2 revolver shots to kill on the second difficulty level, but only one shot on the third. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Debris hovering in the air 1 block above the ground can often be seen in the Wasteland biome. Laws of physics apply to such multi-block debris if one block is destroyed. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Every living (and dead) thing cannot swim. Pigs and deer seem to be able to hold their breath indefinitely. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Rabbits walk on water. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Air drop boxes cannot land into water and hover above it, jumping slightly. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Water does not flood blocks with ladders in them. Making a well with a ladder inside is impossible. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • All processes seem to halt when the player leaves an area. Crops stop growing, camp fires and forges stop burning. When the player reenters an area, processes resume without regard to how much time had passed. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Pump shotgun reload animation is not done properly - all 8 shells are reloaded at once. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Zombies can sometimes spawn inside boulders and densely planted trees. They can somehow get out of the former, but not the latter. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Revolver is visibly (and unnaturally) shaking when aiming. - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • An error in the crafting system can be exploited for converting aged wood into wood logs. To duplicate: pick up 1 wood log and 1 aged wood. Open the crafting window and type "plank" into the filter field. Two crafting options should be available - one for crafting 8 planks from an aged wood, another for crafting 16 planks from a wood log. Click the "wood log" one first. Click the "aged wood" one next. The crafting grid should show 2 wood logs with a shadowed aged wood in the background. Remove 2 wood logs from the crafting grid. This also works for torches (cloth strips to plant fibers and vice versa) and probably cobblestone rocks (destroyed stone to stone and vice versa). - Alpha 9.3 SP
  • Fertile Dirt almost immediately becomes grass-textured and regrows Tall Grass after being tilled, destroying planted sprouts. This renders farming almost impossible. This is due to the grass timer. To avoid this bug, plant your crop only after the grass has been removed by a player. After your crop is finished and harvested wait until the grass grows over the ground again before re-using it for farming. - Alpha 9

Alpha 8[]

  • Holding down Shift and clicking the Right Mouse Button on an item stack in the backpack, while all the toolbelt slots are full will cause the game to discard all but one of the items in the stack. Items discarded are deleted form the game and lost forever. - Alpha 8.8
  • When hosting a non-dedicated server, any friends added previously do not show up on the map or mini map. You need to re-invite at least one and have them accept it. This will show all the current friends' blips on the map. - Alpha 8.7
  • Sometimes when dying in a structure or underground, your backpack will not fall where you died, but rather appears several floors above or at the surface. - Alpha 8.7
  • Death sometimes inexplicably happens (I.e. someone opens a door to a building you're in and then you die when you have enough food, water, and health to survive). - Alpha 8.7
  • Certain blocks rarely glitch when placed and make you fall through them/into the world or sometimes bounce up and down (doors, wooden frames), and cannot be interacted with (destroyed/picked up). This can be fixed by placing another block by it. - Alpha 8.7
  • When in a structure or underground and your head is touching the ceiling you can sometimes jump through the ceiling and get to the next floor. This happens much more often when moving against the diagonal side of a flat stone wall/pillar. - Alpha 8.7
  • Zombies will very rarely completely ignore you. - Alpha 8.7
  • Chainsaw and Auger cannot damage a wooden frame that resulted from a damaged wooden block. - Alpha 8.7
  • If a container is open when the server disconnects or a user disconnects, that container cannot be opened until the server is restarted. - Alpha 8.7
  • If the host alt-tabs on a non-dedicated server, it will give users the connection interrupted message and they will not be able to do anything until the window is restored. - Alpha 8.7
  • Rocket launchers frequently don't launch and take away 1 rocket. It essentially disappears. - Alpha 8.7
  • After alt-tabbing, the game displays the cursor when not in a menu. This can be fixed by bringing up any menu that uses the cursor in game (I.e. the inventory menu). - Alpha 8.7
  • There is a crafting duplication bug found when the game has its craft timer option set to none. This bug can be recreated using follow the following method: - Alpha 8.6
  • Craft 63 Sticks and then keep them in the output slot of the crafting grid.
  • Place another craftable item into the crafting grid, for example 1 Scrap Iron and press craft.
  • The 63 Sticks will be moved to your backpack and there will now be a full stack of 64 scrap iron in the output slot.
  • The full stack of Scrap Iron can now be moved to your backpack, this results in a nett gain of 63 Scrap Iron.
  • Another duplication bug (also requiring craft timer option set to none) can be observed by using the previous method but... - Alpha 8.6
  • Ensure the stack in the output slot plus the stack being crafted will exceed the Max Stack Limit of the stack in the output slot.
  • Upon crafting, the output slot will automatically return to the inventory twice.
  • If a stack of 64 Scrap Iron was in the output slot, you will have 2 full stacks.
  • This does not duplicate the item currently being crafted as in the previous method.
  • All recipes can be used to recreate this bug but will only work if you place an item or items into the crafting grid by hand. If you select a recipe from the recipe list for the second item you intend to craft the Sticks will automatically be removed from the output slot and will be placed into the backpack.
  • This bug will also work with single stack items like weapons and tools. This will cause problems though as these types of items can only be handled one at a time and all 64 items will need to be removed from the output slot one at a time.
  • Tall grass (e.g. tallGrassDiagonal) can hold objects above it, although you can't directly put objects onto it, it will sustain weight and avoid fall. Example Here - Alpha 8.5
  • Digging directly down too fast can result in the generator being too slow to rend new stone and thus sending you flying into void. - Alpha 8.1
  • Items (ie: loot) sometimes disappear when dropped in the world - Alpha 8.1
  • Items sometimes disappear while trying to craft, or using the forge - Alpha 8.1
  • Water, once entering an underground base, sometimes does not entirely drain away and causes issues with blocks being unplaceable, ladders unclimbable, and certain items being destroyed (beds, food etc.). - Alpha 8.1

Alpha 7[]

  • When waiting for an object to loot, if the player presses the loot button again, the timer goes away, and the object can be looted instantly. - Alpha 7.1

Alpha 6[]

  • There is a massive duplication glitch that can exploited with the Forge. Once a player places any amount of scrap in the forge (this works best with larger quantities) and waits for a little so the game autosaves (approx 30 secs and not quitting out) the player can simply Alt + Tab out of the game, and then use the Task Manager of Windows to end the process 7DaysToDie.exe. When the player resumes the game, they will have the exact amount of scrap they initially placed in the forge plus the same approx amount still in the forge. Tested and working on Windows 7 64-bit SP1, 64-bit version of 7 Days to Die. - Alpha 6.1
  • The consumption of Gas Cans by the Auger and Chainsaw has been temporarily set to 100 per reload. This is subject to change hopefully in the next major update. - Alpha 6.1
  • There is a rare duplication glitch where by if a player picks up an object and the message pick up still remains then the player is able to effectively pick up the item twice. - Alpha 6.1
  • When a player digs far enough down pressing the activate button (default 'E') throws an exception error. - Alpha 6.1
  • The suction function (holding the activate button) works only half the time. - Alpha 6.1
  • Contents of chests disappearing leaving behind a single cobweb. - Alpha 6.1
  • Sometimes when the game crashes you can reboot the game and you'll end up in the last place you saved the game. Your inventory will be the same as what it was at that time of save, but all storage chests, crates, safes, etc. will be the same as what they were right before you crashed. This can be a possible duplication bug that can be used to copy entire inventorys of items. It may corrupt the gamesave file. - Alpha 6.1

Alpha 4[]

Alpha 1[]

  • When putting a firearm into the toolbelt/hotbar, the first time when aiming down the sights, your character will look down the sights of the gun and thus looking into the air. - Alpha 1.1
  • At the east side of the Burnt Forest biome there is an area where there are no blocks generated, which can result in the player jumping off the map. - Alpha 1.1
  • There is an unknown black car at the desert junk yard (south-east corner), which can not be searched or moved as it does not act as a solid block. - Alpha 1.1
  • Multiplayer error where no zombies can be killed by the players. Zombies still flinch when shot, but cannot die by players. However, zombies can still be killed by the environment, such as wooden spikes, barbed wire, etc. - Alpha 1.1
  • Sometimes item drops will stay on the ground even after the player picks them up. The item will still be added into the player's inventory, but the image of the item will remain on the ground. - Alpha 1.1
  • The Wooden Chair has no gravity. - Alpha 1.1
  • "The Suicide Glitch" lets you stay where you are when you die. So when you are killed by a zombie and you don't have a saved spawn point other than the original spawn point, then you can use this glitch to stay right where you are, and the alive zombies will not bother you for a few seconds. To initiate this bug, just press the "ESCAPE" key, and then press suicide after you have been killed. You will respawn where you died, with full health. - Alpha 1.1
  • Zombies tend to bug in presence of water. Either they don't even go into water or they register water as darkness and start running into it and towards the player. - Alpha 1
  • Zombies will sprint towards the player during daytime for a second or two when walking onto the road. - Alpha 1
  • Zombies sometimes glitch where they will attack something and will stay there forever until they are interacted with (Note that this sometimes causes huge FPS lag). - Alpha 1
  • Closing the game while respawning sets your spawn point to where you died. - Alpha 1
  • Versions of Cinder Blocks make different sounds and take different time to destroy. - Alpha 1
  • Destroyed Stone makes no sound when hit. - Alpha 1
  • Crops don't need sunlight to grow. Some torches will do fine (even deep underground). - Alpha 1
  • Some crops can be placed on any type of block such as Stone. - Alpha 1
  • Trunk Tips of any kind and Barbed Wire won't inflict damage. - Alpha 1
  • Scrap Iron Wall doesn't have a thumbnail in the game. - Alpha 1
  • TNT shows as a block in the inventory but goes to its texture when placed. - Alpha 1
  • When reloading the Sawed off Pump Shotgun and switching inventory slots, you still hear the Sawed off Pump Shotgun sound and be required to fully reload the shotgun, but it doesn't reload. - Alpha 1
  • The Shotgun must reload all shells before using it again. - Alpha 1
  • When mining blocks, the drops may be stuck inside a solid block, which makes it to be difficult to pick up. - Alpha 1
  • When crafting items from your front inventory bar and exiting out of it, your items will stack and duplicate, doubling the amount. - Alpha 1
  • Placing a nearly destroyed pickaxe in the crafting table gives a pickaxe with nearly full durability. - Alpha 1
  • When breaking the Refrigerator with a pickaxe and then placing it again, loot will spawn inside it. - Alpha 1
  • Sometimes the industry factory towers will not fall from gravity once the bottoms are taken off of it (Normally when you use barrels to explode the tower). - Alpha 1
  • When placing a wood Spikes next to a wall, you can place more wood Spikes on top of each other depending on the wall size. - Alpha 1
  • When you die from Radiation in the Rad zone, you will still hear the Radiation sound when respawning for several seconds, and until you click 'ENTER' to spawn. - Alpha 1
  • Items and Blocks of any kind when crafted can be stacked to any amount, but when using the item, or dropping, it will not restack back onto its original stack, as the limit is 64 for most items (For example, making 700 Sticks, dropping 10 sticks, the sticks will stack into a new stack until its limit '64' is reached). - Alpha 1
  • When refueling the Chainsaw or Auger, there is no sound effect to it? (Bug or not added to the game?) - Alpha 1
  • Some blocks and items around the map act as a storage container and can be looted. - Alpha 1
  • When clicking your mouse onto an item or block in your inventory, for a slight second, you will notice a different name saying something like 'pistol' other than 'Pistol'. When clicking an item for a slight second you will notice it uses the items 'code' name for the coding files of the game. In addition to this, sometimes your inventory will glitch out where you hover your mouse over an item such as the 'Pistol', but the name will show as 'Paper'. - Alpha 1
  • When your underground and the sun is going down or up, you will notice a 'Lighting' changing effect. When its daytime it will be lighter than normal in the underground. When it's night, it will be darker. - Alpha 1
  • The Torch and Flashlight don't effect the lighting level. You can walk into a pitch black area and use the Torch or Flashlight in your hand and it will not change the lighting level, it only shows as an animation effect. - Alpha 1
  • Sleeping Bags will show up on the outside part of your map. It will show the arrow of your Sleeping Bag spawn point in the bars of Hunger, Health and the others. - Alpha 1
  • In Multiplayer, when a player leaves the game, it will delete the inventory of anyone that leaves and rejoins the game, but not the player who is hosting the server. - Alpha 1
  • When farming with corn, you will sometimes receive Candy Tin Cans as loot and also some other items. - Alpha 1
  • When underwater, you do not have a water breathing bar, so therefore you cannot die underwater. (?) - Alpha 1
  • You cannot place blocks in or on water, and water cannot be destroyed as zombies cannot attack it and doesn't indicate as a 'Source' block. (?) - Alpha 1
  • When sprinting towards a solid block or wall, and walking towards it while being right next to it, you can see though the wall, acting as a transparent block. - Alpha 1
  • When attempting to join a server, and the Server fails, the mouse will be disabled until you either exit the window by closing it or by pressing Alt + Tab and re-entering the window. - Alpha 1