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All the known bugs are placed in here. Add more if you know any bugs. (I don't know if this page is allowed but no one has created a page about it)

Notable Bugs/Issues/Errors/Crashes/Glitches[]

01/09/13 --- 09/01/13

  • Alpha 1.0
    • Versions of Cinder Blocks make different sounds and take different time to destroy
    • Destroyed Stone makes no sound when hit
    • Crops don't need sunlight to grow. Some torches will do fine (even deep underground)
    • Some crops can be placed on any type of block such as Stone
    • Trunk Tips of any kind and Barbed Wire won't inflict damage
    • Zombies tend to bug in presence of water. Either they don't even go into water or they register water as darkness and start running into it and towards the player
    • Zombies sometimes glitch where they will attack something and will stay there forever until they are interacted with
    • Scrap Metal Wall doesn't have a thumbnail in the game
    • TNT shows as a block in the inventory but goes to its texture when placed
    • When reloading the Shotgun and switching inventory slots, you still hear the Shotgun reloading but it doesn't reload
    • The Shotgun must reload all shells before using it again
    • When mining blocks, they drops may be stuck inside a solid block, allowing it to be difficult to pick up
    • When crafting items from your front inventory bar and exiting out of it, your items will stack and duplicate double the amount