“A land claim block can be placed to protect an area from other players in PVP. The green box shows the size of the area.”


The Land Claim Block is a unique block that prevents other players from destroying blocks within its radius. If a player is not playing with other players, this can be scrapped for a few Small Stones  or melted down at the Forge for Stone (Forge). Placement of the LCB also allows for various crafting stations to be picked up by holding "E" on them and selecting the option, within proximity of the LCB.

Players are given one Land Claim Block at the start of the game. The last placed LCB will take priority so placing a second one will leave the first ineffective and with a one durability remaining.


Players can no longer scrap the Land Claim Block in the latest version of the game (PC).


The Land Claim Block can be crafted with the following items:

  • Small Stone x5

In prior versions the Land Claim Block (LCB) could be melted in the forge for 200 Scrap Iron , the same amount it took to craft the item. The item could be scrapped by hand for approximately 150 scrap iron. The LCB had to be crafted in a Workbench .

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