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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (Alpha 19.3). It was last updated for version (Alpha 16).


Placing a Keystone block to claim land

A Land Claims (LCB or sometimes keystone) is an area special block used to claim a chunk of land. Once an LCB is set it extends an invisible protection zone with a default area of 1681 square-blocks (a square 41 blocks by 41 blocks). All blocks within that zone (natural blocks or player-made blocks) receive a durability-multiplier, depending on the server settings. When other players damage blocks within the protected zone, a sound-effect indicates the block is protected, but damage is incurred on the block.

Another aspect of the LCB is it prevents other players from placing any blocks or objects inside the protected zone. This effectively nullifies the Nerd Pole Strategy, prevents TNT placement, etc.

Players can be added to the friend list to allow them full access to the claim. While the player is not online, the claim effect slowly decays.

Added in Alpha 16: Players can pick up certain items (e.g. Forges, workstations, various electrical devices) if they are within range of their LCB. Press the interact (usually "E") button while cursor is above the item to be picked up for ~1 second and you will get option to pick the item up (unless it is damaged). If this does not work, usually it helps to "destroy" the LCB with Pickaxe or similar (it will not be really destroyed but put into inventory) and replace it. (To be confirmed: apparently currently only last placed LCB works this way, maybe depends on distance to previous LCB) Important - all items/resources which are within the item while it is picked up are lost. Upon replacing, it will be an empty workstation, forge etc.

Protection Zone[]

As stated, the LCB creates a protection zone. The size of the zone can be changed via server settings. The default setting is a 41 X 41 area that extends infinitely in both directions above and below the LCB, creating a column limited only by the size of the map in both directions vertically. All blocks inside the protection zone receive the durability multiplier, which can be changed via server settings. By default, the damage multiplier is 32.

The diagram below illustrates the basic protection zone[1]. In the diagram, the "O" in the center with the yellow background represents the LCB. The "X's" illustrate that the protection zone extends 20 blocks in all four cardinal directions from the LCB.

20 - 1 0 1 - 20  
          X           20
X |
X 1
X X X O X X X 0
          X           1
X |
          X           20

This plane of protection extends straight up and straight down for as far as the map extends, creating a column, or pillar of protection. While there is no limit on the number of LCBs a player can set, only one LCB may be active at a time. Placing a new LCB will cause an old LCB to go inactive and be reduced to 1 durability.

Land Claims also controls the removal of player created workstations. If you place a workstation within the land claim area it will be able to be removed. This means that a Land Claim Block is now useful even in single player mode.

Server Settings[]

Claim Settings.png

The exact land claim parameters can be set server-side and can be viewed in the server browser before joining (see the green highlighted section in the screenshot on the right).

Below are the server-side settings[2]

  • Claim Size: Size in blocks that is protected by LCB. Default is 41
  • Claim Dead Zone: LCBs must be this many blocks apart, unless you are friends with the other player. Default is 30.
  • Claim Expiry Time: The number of days a player can be offline before their claims expire and are no longer protected
  • Claim Decay Mode: Controls how offline players land claims decay. All claims have full protection for the first 24hrs. 0=Linear, 1=Exponetial, 2=Full protection until claim is expired.
  • Claim Online Durability Modifier: How much protected claim area block hardness is increased when a player is online. 0 means infinite (no damage will be taken). Default is 32x
  • Claim Offline Modifier: How much protected claim area block hardness is increased when a player is offline. 0 means infinite (no damage will be taken). Default is 32x

Notes From Original Release[]

The following details were given with the original release of the LCB[3]:

  • New players are awarded 1 land claim keystone block in their starting inventory if a server is running Survival PvP. Airdrop containers have a small chance of containing keystone blocks.
  • You can kill players and loot their land claim blocks if they haven’t been placed or mine up a land claim block and steal it for your own so its wise to protect your land claim blocks
  • The keystone block is a special looking block that when carried by the player shows a 7×7 or server set protection grid rendered as a transparent green protected grid.
  • The keystone block offers durability protection 7×7 all the way vertically
  • Keystone blocks can be destroyed by other players removing their durability modifier of the fort
  • Only the owner and friends in your group can build blocks in your land claimed areas
  • Land claims have a no claim zone outside of their perimeter where only the land claim owner and friends in his group can stake additional neighboring claims. Default could be 30 meters measuring keystone to keystone (This could be an optional owner permission setting)
  • Only the owner of a land claim and friends in his group can add new neighboring land claims right next to an existing land claim but not overlapping
  • Zombies and owners/friends of the claim owner are not affected by claim durability
  • Players must revisit claim once a real-time day to prevent Claim Decay
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