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This page contains content no longer in the game.
This feature was removed and exists only in previous versions of 7 Days to Die.

In order to level up Tool Smithing, survivors can craft the tools from this list and/or repair them. The skill can also be leveled up by purchasing points accumulated from level-ups. The higher the skill level, the higher the quality of tools that can be crafted. This increases their durability and their damage output.

Levelling up Tool Smithing can be tricky in the early game, since Survivors will only have access to the stone axe and shovels. To begin levelling this skill effectively, a survivor should focus on establishing a forge, which gives access to the better-quality iron tools.

At quality levels 1-200, it generally takes 4 or 5 tools to make a tool 1 grade better than the previous tools made.

At qualities 201 and onwards, it can take anything from 5 tools to 20 or more tools to level up the quality and level of Tool Smithing as Survivors become more and more proficient in said skill.

Notes[ | ]

A good place to level up Tool Smithing would be an area, near enough to the desert biomes where Survivors can harvest Cacti for Grass Fibres, but within an area where trees and rocks are readily available.

Tool Smithing goes hand-in-hand with both Mining Tools AND Construction Tools. Making Axes, Wrenches and Claw Hammers will help construction as you repair or gather resources, Shovels and Pickaxes will help augment your Mining Tools as you are mining.

As both Tool Smithing and Construction Tools or Mining Tools go up, Survivors will be able to gather resources at a quicker rate, with less degradation of their tools, with level 100 tool smithing only degrading a tool by 1% on repairs (So for example, repairing a 300 quality axe for example will reduce its current quality by 3).

Creating large quantities of tools however will fill up your inventory quite quickly, so survivors will have to either store these tools in a chest, or remove them from the inventory. A chest is the quickest, and easiest method but requires wood for storage chests. Using Wooden Frames to elevate a chest can help to get rid of chests when filled, as chests still break if they fall any distance and then the destroyed wood can be used to either make more tools or used in other recipes and it helps get rid of disposed tools, helping continue the tool-making process.

Stone Shovels give more xp per small rock than stone axes, and take longer to craft. This means you spend less time gathering rocks and dumping your shovels for more XP than you would if you crafted stone axes.