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Description[ | ]

Light Opacity is a stat that Blocks in 7 Days to Die have which measures the ability of objects to block the passage of light within the game world. Understanding light opacity is important for players to effectively manage lighting conditions in their bases and surroundings, especially when it comes to Farming.

Overview[ | ]

Light Opacity determines the degree to which objects in the game reduce light passing through them. Objects with higher Light Opacity will reduce light to a greater degree, resulting in darker areas behind or around them. Conversely, objects with lower Light Opacity will allow more light to pass through, allowing illumination of the areas behind or around them.

Mechanics[ | ]

A Light Opacity value of 0 does not reduce light passing through a block, whereas a Light Opacity of 255 indicates total prevention of light passing through.

The material with which a Block is made determines the Light Opacity statistic.

The shape of a Block also determines how much light is reduced passing through a Block. However, the orientation of the Block does not have any effect. For example, a Wood Block (with a Light Opacity of 255) using the 'Plate' shape prevents all light from passing through it, even if oriented vertically in space. Similarly, the same Wood Block using the 'Cube 1m Hole' shape will allow light to pass through, even if oriented such that there is no visible space showing.

Material Block - Light Opacities[ | ]

Name Category Light Opacity Confirmed Version
BrickBlock Brick Blocks Material Block Alpha 16.2
FrameShapes Building Block Material Block 0 Alpha 17
BulletProofGlassPlate Bulletproof Glass Block Material Block 2 Alpha 16.2
Cobblestone Cobblestone Block Material Block Alpha 17
ConcreteBlock Concrete Blocks Material Block Alpha 17
GlassBusinessCTRSheet Glass Block Material Block 1 Alpha 16.2
RScrapIronBlock Reinforced Iron Blocks Material Block Alpha 17
SteelBlock Steel Blocks Material Block Alpha 17
WoodBlock Wood Block Material Block Alpha 17