7 Days to Die Wiki
Name Health Location Loot Drop Entity-ID
Normal Feral Radiated Legendary
Fatso Bloated Walker 250 475 902 N/A Everywhere 70 zombieMoe
BurnVictim Burn Victim 125 255-345 465-635 N/A Burnt Forest-biome, Wasteland cities and buildings that contain fire in some way zombieBurnt
Businessman Zombie 2 Businessman Zombie 150 285 N/A 900 Everywhere, predominantly in office areas inside buildings zombieBusinessMan
A13CrawlerSteve Crawler Zombie 80 152 N/A N/A Everywhere, More common in the Burnt Forest-biome 70 zombieSteveCrawler
Demolisher Demolisher 1000 N/A N/A N/A Blood Moon hordes and Cities zombieDemolition
Marlene Departed Woman 125 237 451 N/A Everywhere zombieMarlene
Soldier Fallen Soldier Zombie 150 285 541 N/A Military and Government Installations, Roaming Military Hordes and "boss rooms" of larger POIs zombieSoldier
FatHawaiian Fat Hawaiian 300 570 N/A N/A Everywhere zombieFatHawaiian
FeralWight Feral Wight N/A 532 1010 N/A Wasteland-biome, Blood Moon hordes, Military and Government Installations, any POI at higher gamestage Feral Wight
Joe Festering Cadaver 150 285 541 N/A Everywhere zombieJoe
ZombieLumberjack Frozen Lumberjack 300 570 1150-1550 N/A Snowy Forest-biome zombieSnow
Grace Boar Grace 2000 N/A N/A N/A Carl's corn and Bob's boars POI
MaleHazmat Hazmat Male Zombie 150 300-400 550-750 N/A Military and Government installations, Roaming Military Hordes and rarely in other places zombieMaleHazmat
Female Fatso Hungry Female Zombie 300 380 722 N/A Everywhere 85 zombieFemaleFat
ZombieDarlene Infected Mother 125 237 451 N/A Everywhere zombieDarlene
FatCop Infected Police Officer 250 475 902 N/A Wasteland-biome, Blood Moon hordes and Police Stations, any POI at higher gamestages zombieFatCop
ReanimatedCorpseA13 Infected Survivor 150 285 541 N/A Everywhere zombieBoe
LabWorker Lab Zombie 125 237 451 N/A Laboratory areas, also medical departments within Military installations zombieLab
Mutated Zombie Mutated Zombie 150 285 541 Wasteland zombieMoe
Sssss Party Girl 125 237 N/A N/A Everywhere 84 zombieStripper
ZombieNurse Plagued Nurse 125 237 N/A N/A Everywhere, mostly in medical facilities 70 zombieNurse
A13ZombieArlene Putrid Girl 125 237 451 N/A Everywhere, mostly in old western POIs zombieArlene
Steve Reanimated Corpse 150 285 541 N/A Everywhere zombieSteve
Yo Rotting Carcass 150 285 541 N/A Everywhere Rotting Carcass
Screamer Screamer 75 142 270 N/A Spawns in the vicinity of the player once heat threshold has been reached zombieScreamer
Skateboarder Skater Punk Zombie 150 285 541 N/A Everywhere 80 zombieSkateboarder
SpiderZombie Spider Zombie 150 285 541 N/A Everywhere, higher spawn rate outside at nighttime zombieSpider
UtilityWorkerZambieThatHasAMiningHelmetForSomeReason Utility Worker Zombie 150 285 930-1265 900 Everywhere, predominantly construction sites in large groups zombieUtilityWorker
Zombie bear Zombie Bear 2000 N/A N/A N/A Wasteland-biome, Burnt Forest-biome, and some particular POIs animalZombieBear
Biker Zombie Biker 280 532 1010 600 (Legendary form planned, but commented out in the file.) Everywhere, mostly in garages and bars, as well as "bosses" in other POIs 71 zombieBiker
ZombieDog Zombie Dog 200 N/A N/A N/A Wasteland- and Burnt Forest-biome, as well as in particular POIs. Occasionally, as part of a roaming dog horde animalZombieDog
ZombieJanitor Zombie Janitor 250 zombieJanitor
ZombieTomClark Zombie Tom Clark 138 222 506 N/A Tom Clark
Entity-id-68 Zombie Vulture 30 N/A 120 N/A Every biome except Snowy Forest-biome, as well as on roofs of POIs. May appear as part of a flock and in a Blood Moon horde animalZombieVulture