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Some items' or groups' chance to drop changes according to the player's gamestage. Here you can see those values for any gamestage you want using the little box below. Just type the gamestage you want in the box and press the Apply!-button. The values should change immediately, if the chance is different.

Current game stage: 1

Ammunition is the tool to fire your firearms and to take out you foes from a far. Ammo can be found all over Navezgane, but it can also be in a traders inventory or crafted in your inventory (mainly bolts and arrows) or workbench.

The steel crafting recipe is generally the same as the ordinary round is, but with a steel bullet case so keep that in mind.


Ammo Ranged Dam Block Dam Degradation Maximum Cap Target Armor Target Penetration
9mmBullet.png 9mm Round 32 7 N/A 300
44MagnumBullet.png 44 Magnum Round 70 12 N/A 150
762mmBullet.png 7.62mm Round 50 8 N/A 150
Ammo762mmBulletHP.png 7.62mm HP Round (Hollow Point) 65 4 N/A 150 +100%
Ammo762mmBulletAP.png 7.62mm AP Round (Armor Piercing) 50 9 +50% 150 -20% +1


Ammo Damage / Pellet Block Dam Pellets Maximum Cap
BlunderbussAmmo.png Blunderbuss Ammo 11 1 8 250
ShotgunShell.png Shotgun Shell 12 5 8 150
ShotgunSlug.png Shotgun Slug 80 80 1 128


Ammo Ranged Dam Block Dam Projectile Velocity Maximum Cap
FlamingArrow.png Flaming Arrow 28 6 55 250
IronArrow.png Iron Arrow 28 3 50 250
SteelArrow.png Steel Arrow 31 5 55 250
Arrow.png Stone Arrow 25 1 45 250


Ammo Ranged Dam Block Dam Projectile Velocity Maximum Cap
IronCrossbowBolt.png Iron Crossbow Bolt 34 6 75 250
SteelCrossbowBolt.png Steel Crossbow Bolt 40 6 82 250
IronCrossbowBolt.png Stone Crossbow Bolt 28 1 67 250


Ammo Explosive Dam Block Dam Explosion Radius Projectile Velocity Maximum Cap
ExplodingCrossbowBolt.png Explosive Crossbow Bolt 250 2 4 45 250
A13Rocket.png Rocket Frag 650 20 6 N/A 20
A13Rocket.png Rocket HE 420 2500 5 N/A 20
Ammo Used by
44MagnumBulletAP.png .44 Magnum Bullet (AP)
44MagnumBulletHP.png .44 Magnum Bullet (HP)
44MagnumBullet.png .44 Magnum Bullet
Ammo762mmBulletAP.png 7.62mm Bullet (AP)
Ammo762mmBulletHP.png 7.62mm Bullet (HP)
762mmBullet.png 7.62mm Bullet
Ammo9mmBulletAP.png 9mm Bullet (AP)
Ammo9mmBulletHP.png 9mm Bullet (HP)
9mmBullet.png 9mm Bullet
BlunderbussAmmo.png Blunderbuss Ammo
ExplodingArrow.png Exploding Arrow
ExplodingCrossbowBolt.png Exploding Crossbow Bolt
FlamingArrow.png Flaming Arrow
FlamingCrossbowBolt.png Flaming Crossbow Bolt
IronArrow.png Iron Arrow
IronCrossbowBolt.png Iron Crossbow Bolt
AmmoJunkTurretAP.png Robotic Turret Ammo (AP)
AmmoJunkTurretShell.png Robotic Turret Ammo (Shell)
AmmoRoboticTurret.png Robotic Turret Ammo
RocketFrag.png Rocket Frag
A13Rocket.png Rocket HE
AmmoShotgunBreachingSlug.png Shotgun Breaching Slug
ShotgunShell.png Shotgun Shell
ShotgunSlug.png Shotgun Slug
SteelArrow.png Steel Arrow
SteelCrossbowBolt.png Steel Crossbow Bolt
Arrow.png Stone Arrow
CrossbowBolt.png Stone Crossbow Bolt