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Current game stage: 1

A firearm for every need! Use the sortable table below to chose the best firearm for your needs, whether that be fast reload times, high capacity, or inexpensive ammunition.

Weapon Damage Type Range Reload Speed Ammo Clip Critical Hit Crit. Hit Effect Heat Strength Heat Time
Base Max Base Max
44DesertVulture.png .44 Desert Vulture 44MagnumBullet.png 68 44MagnumBulletAP.png 68 44MagnumBulletHP.png 89 Handgun 2 s .44 Magnum Bullet, .44 Magnum Bullet (AP), .44 Magnum Bullet (HP)
44Magnum.png .44 Magnum 44MagnumBullet.png 70 44MagnumBulletAP.png 70 44MagnumBulletHP.png 91 Handgun 4 s .44 Magnum Bullet, .44 Magnum Bullet (AP), .44 Magnum Bullet (HP)
Pistol.png Pistol 9mmBullet.png 32 Ammo9mmBulletAP.png 32 Ammo9mmBulletHP.png 41.6 Handgun 2 s 9mm Bullet, 9mm Bullet (AP), 9mm Bullet (HP)

There is also a