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Looting (which is sometimes referred to as Scavenging) is the player activity of searching for and gathering Resources referred to as Loot. These Resources consist of Clothing or Armor, Weapons, and Food found in an kind of Containers within the various Points of Interest. The quality and quantity of loot you obtain by opening a previously-unopened Container is determined by your game stage and influenced by your Loot Bonus. Empty containers respawn new Loot after 30 days by default. The Loot respawn can be changed in the main menu when setting up the game.

Calculating Loot[]

The loot the player will get by opening containers is determined partly by the player's loot gamestage that includes gamestage and possible increases to it (see below). Most resources, apparel, food, drinks, perk books etc. have the same chance of appearing on gamestage 1 and 500. However, items that have clear tiers such as weapons, armor, most schematics, food/drink recipes, ammunition, vehicles and tools have varying chances of appearing depending on the loot gamestage of the player that opens the container. Items belonging to the same group are grouped in pages such as weapons and clothing.

There are four tiers of loot used in-game that start appearing at certain loot gamestage.

  • Tier 0 (T0) items are primitive items, usually available from the beginning of the game or very early. These include stone tools/weapons, padded and scrap armor and basic mod schematics.
  • Tier 1 (T1) items are usually items made of iron, such as iron tools, weapons and armor, first proper weapons outside of blunderbuss and schematics for items in the next tier.
  • Tier 2 (T2) items are the first items made from steel and consist of the best available melee weapons and armor, rarest schematics and the best food recipes.
  • Tier 3 (T3) items are the best firearms, tools and vehicles in the game.

The following graph displays the different tiers and their chances of appearing thought different loot gamestages. After loot gamestage ~260 the chances turn into constants as displayed in the chart. It is important to note that these chances only affect loot containers that have a chance to have different tiered items. These are containers such as desk/wall/gun safes, cars, air drops, munitions boxes, all shipping crates apart from Pop 'n' Pills, loot bags dropped by zombies (partly), weapon bags, ammo piles and hardened chests. To sum it up, most loot containers encountered at the final room of a POI.


Increasing Loot Quality[]

  • The Lucky Looter perk increases the player's loot bonus by a percentage. It also decreases the time needed to search a previously-unopened container.
  • The Lucky Goggles increase the player's loot bonus. They also decrease the buried treasure radius when doing treasure hunting quests started from a treasure map.
  • The Eye Kandy increases the player's loot bonus by a percentage and a flat amount for five minutes.


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