“Clay a key resource for forging can be seen as brown spots on the map, found along bodies of water & dug from the earth.”


Lump of Clay is crafting resource primarily used to craft the Forge and smelted down in the Forge for Clay (Forge).

Lump of Clay can be crafted at the Forge or gathered by digging up brown patches of ground. These brown patches can be easily seen by opening the map.


The primary method of acquiring Lumps of Clay is to:

  1. Open the map and locate brown patches of ground
  2. Equip a shovel (e.g. Stone Shovel, Iron Shovel)
  3. Use the shovel to dig at brown patches on the map

The player can also use their hands to punch the ground but this method of gathering Lumps of Clay will be much slower than even the Stone Shovel.


Lump of Clay can be crafted at the Forge.png Forge with the following materials:


Lump of Clay is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
ClayLump.png Clay (Forge) ClayLump.png 1x Lump of Clay Forge
CobblestoneRocks.png Cobblestone Rocks ClayLump.png 1x Lump of Clay, RockSmall.png 1x Small Stone
Forge.png Forge ClayLump.png 50x Lump of Clay, RockSmall.png 50x Small Stone, Bellows.png 1x Bellows, ShortIronPipe.png 1x Short Iron Pipe
Crucible.png Crucible ClayLump.png 1200x Lump of Clay, RockSmall.png 900x Small Stone, ForgedIron.png 40x Forged Iron, Mechanical Parts.png 10x Mechanical Parts Workbench
PottedPlant.png Potted Plant YuccaFibers.png 4x Plant Fibers, Dirt Fragment.png 3x Dirt Fragment, ClayLump.png 5x Lump of Clay
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