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For more information about the Map interface since A13, see Map Window.

The map can be accessed by pressing M, this will either bring up your current location in Navezgane or your current location in the Randomly Generated World.

Symbols[ | ]

There are several symbols that help you find important places.

  • House: A Bedroll or An Old Bed marking a spawn point.
  • Red flag: Waypoint location.
  • Green arrow: Friend location (in multiplayer mode)

Colors[ | ]

In version A20, the colors on the map indicate as follows:

  • Black spots - towers of stone or (sometimes) cave entrance
  • Grey squares - Stone boulders
  • White Squares - Potassium Nitrate deposit
  • Small Brown squares - Iron Ore deposit
  • Small Black Squares - Coal Ore deposit
  • Small Blue Squares - Lead Ore deposit
  • Light Brown - Oil Shale

Version A21 & 1.0

Black spots - Coal

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