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For information about maps rather than the interface for maps, see Map.

The Map Window is one of several windows that make up the Main UI Menu in 7 Days to Die.

Overview[ | ]

The Map Window serves as the hub for viewing the game world Map, managing waypoints (personal and shared), and accessing map stats, such as the current day and time, outside temperature, wind speed, and elevation. The Map Window is accessed via the Map Window hotkey (default 'M'), by selecting the Map icon Map icon from the Main UI Menu via its radial menu, or by selecting the Map icon Map button in the header bar at the top of the screen while viewing any other Main UI Menu window.

Map Window A21
Here the player has marked several waypoints on the map for personal reference and has no shared waypoints.

Components[ | ]

The Map Window has three major components:

  • Map Pane, which is the actual map indicating areas the player has visited (the map reveals more as the player visits an area).
  • Waypoints Pane, which allow a player to mark a point on a map for later reference.
  • Shared Waypoints Pane, which displays information about shared waypoints.

Waypoints[ | ]


The four waypoint options are shown at the top of the pane. Waypoints are listed below, with "forge" being the highlighted waypoint.

Waypoint icons

The menu for creating waypoints with all possible icons shown.

The left-most pane of the menu lists any waypoints the player has created as well as options to remove and search through waypoints.

Creating Waypoints[ | ]

  • Right-click a point on the map and select "Save Waypoint".
  • Choose an arbitrary icon to represent the waypoint.
  • Give the waypoint a short name less than 13 characters.

Tracking Waypoints[ | ]

If you highlight a waypoint in the list and click the compass icon Compass icon on the far-left, you will be able to track a waypoint. Tracking a waypoint places it in your compass regardless of your distance from the waypoint, allowing you to navigate straight to the waypoint. You can track multiple waypoints simultaneously. The compass icon Compass icon is a toggle, so one click turns on tracking for the highlighted waypoint and another click turns off tracking. Which waypoints are being tracked are saved after logging off of a server and out of the game.

Centering Waypoints[ | ]

The second icon from the top left, which looks like a semi-folded map Map icon will show on the map whichever waypoint is highlighted. The map will be centered on the highlighted waypoint.

Removing Waypoints[ | ]

The third icon from the top left Map remove waypoint icon will remove a waypoint from the list entirely.

Sharing Waypoints[ | ]

And the right-most icon Players icon will share a waypoint to either your allies or everyone.

In the shared waypoints menu pane, you can save shared waypoints, show them on the map, and/or remove them from your list of shared waypoints.

Land Navigation[ | ]

Once you have waypoints added to the map, you then are able to see them represented in your compass, at the top-center of the default screen.

As you get closer to waypoints, their icons in the compass get bigger and more opaque. This provides immediate information regarding how close you are to the waypoint, without having to stop and open the map. Quick waypoints will not change transparency with distance.

Navigation compass focused

On the left of the compass is a red flag representing a quick-save waypoint. At the center is a bright "X" waypoint, and to the right is a smaller dimmer "X" waypoint that is further away.

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