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Maple Rd
Maple Rd on the approach to the eastern outskirts of Diersville
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Locations Diersville


Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
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Description[ | ]

Maple Rd is one of the many Roads found in Navezgane. It runs to the east from the center of the county, passing through the Forest, Pine Forest and Snowy Forest during its course. It connects to Arrowhead St and Apache St at it's western most point while its east end heads off into the Nuclear Fallout Zone. There are two crossroads found along along the course of Maple Rd, one in the east that connects Maple Rd with Dishong Pass and one in the centre of Diersville connecting Maple Rd with Courtland St.

Location[ | ]

The location of Maple Rd as found in Navezgane
Maple Rd highlighted on the map of Navezgane

Points of Interest[ | ]

Ansel Adams River Bridge[ | ]


  • More of a landmark than a point if interest the Ansel Adams river bridge sits at western end of Maple Rd a short distance from the intersection with Apache St and Arrowhead St
  • Suffering from advanced decay, caution should be used when traversing this bridge. Keeping to the center of this bridge is a safe way to pass due to a support beam that passes underneath the entire length of the deck. However, the other areas of the deck can collapse when stood on causing fall damage in addition to possible damage caused by falling blocks.

Diersville[ | ]


  • A large urban town, Diersville is found slightly east from the center of Navezgane and is an excellent source of various loot and resources. A major point if interest with many buildings to search through, Diersville is also a hotspot for Zombies and a player can encounter many various types, including Zombie Dogs, Bloated Walkers, often in larger numbers.
  • Housing in Diersville is of a minimum strength and although it can offer some protection during the night a horde of Zombies will destroy a house here in next to no time.

Gas Station Diner[ | ]


  • Found around the center of Maple Rd is a Gas Station Diner that houses an auto shop, small dining area and a fair sized compound to the rear and side.
  • There is a small amount of various loot to found here, in addition to a Desk Safe found on the floor behind the desk inside the building.
  • Furthermore, there is also a large amount of sand that can be dug up and used to make Glass Jars.