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Some items' or groups' chance to drop changes according to the player's gamestage. Here you can see those values for any gamestage you want using the little box below. Just type the gamestage you want in the box and press the Apply!-button. The values should change immediately, if the chance is different.

Current game stage: 1

Overview[edit | edit source]

Mass of a material determines how much each block weighs.

Use[edit | edit source]

Mass is used together with Max Load to calculate Structural Integrity and therefor planning structures of any sort.

To do this, divide Max Load by Mass of the block and round down the quotient.

  Structural Integrity = RoundDown( Max Load ÷ Mass ) 

Video Tutorial (Outdated)[edit | edit source]

The video below explains the physics of mass and max load for various building materials in detail.

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