Requirements and Effects

Skill Level Intellect Level Effect Description
1 1 Basic cooking. Unlocks boiled andn grilled foods.
2 3 Meals fit for a king, you can create more hearty recipes to fill you up for days.
3 5 MacDyers secret survival recipes. Learn how to make Sham Chowder and other amazing dishes from common ingredients.
4 7 Holistic hearth fire. Create foods that protect you from the elements and fight diseases!
5 10 Grandpa's ass kicking recipes. Learn grandpa's secret recipes that boost stats and attributes!

At least one level in the perk is required to make that following dishes:

Bacon and Eggs, Baked Potato, Blueberry Pie, Boiled Egg, Boiled Meat, Chili Dog, Coffee, Corn Bread, Corn on the Cob, Fish Tacos, Golden Rod Tea, Grandpa's Moonshine, Grilled Meat, Meat Stew, Red Tea, Steak and Potato Meal, Vegetable Stew.

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