7 Days to Die Wiki

Max Stack[ | ]

Max Stack is the amount that an item will stack before it requires another inventory slot. There are no weight limits in this game currently, so they use a stacking system to determine how much you can carry.

  • Most Weapons, Tools, clothing, armor and anything with a quality level all have a stack number of 1 which means they can't be stacked on top of each other.
  • First Aid Bandage and First Aid Kits have a stack number of 5 which means you can stack 5 of them in one inventory slot.
  • Coffee, Water, Goldenrod Tea, Jar of Honey and almost anything else that comes in a jar as well as candies have a stack number of 10.
  • Stews, Blueberry Pie, Corn Bread and almost every other food cooked or not stacks to 50.
  • Most building and terrain blocks stack to 500.
  • Raw materials like Brass, Iron, Lead, Wood, and Stone stack up to 6000.