The Minibike is the only vehicle that can be used to travel to another area more effectively. It has the appearance of a makeshift bike.


In order to create this vehicle, the player must have a forge as well as having the Minibikes for dumb shits book perk read. They must craft a minibike frame which is the primary piece for the whole bike. Next they will need minibike handlebars which are crafted using a headlight, a battery, and handlebars which (as of patch 1.18) can only be crafted a workbench. The minibike also requires tires which can be found by destroying the tires littering the roads. They must also craft a minibike seat using leather and duct tape. And finally the minibike requires an engine, which can be quite a challenge due to a low chance of finding one when destroying a Sedan. Once assembled, it of course requires fuel which contains a total of 1500 fuel regardless of the engine. Speed is dependent on the level of the engine. A shopping basket can be added to allow storage of loot items in order to carry and add extra items to a player settlement storage.

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