“Even total dumbshits can build a minibike if they follow the steps in this simple guide...Varoom...varoom!”


Minibikes for Dumbshits is used to unlock the recipe for the Minibike. This book


Minibikes for Dumbshits can be scrapped for 5 Paper.


The Minibikes for Dumbshits teaches the following recipe:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
MinibikeChassis.png Minibike Chassis ScrapIron.png 200x Iron (Forge), ClayLump.png 20x Clay (Forge) Forge w/Anvil Minibikes for Dumbshits
MinibikeSeat.png Minibike Seat DuctTape.png 4x Duct Tape, Leather.png 7x Leather, Cotton.png 3x Cotton, ShortIronPipe.png 4x Short Iron Pipe Workbench Minibikes for Dumbshits
MinibikeHandlebars.png Minibike Handlebars Handlebars.png 1x Handlebars, DuctTape.png 2x Duct Tape, Headlight.png 1x Headlight, Electrical Parts.png 5x Electrical Parts, ShortIronPipe.png 2x Short Iron Pipe Workbench Minibikes for Dumbshits
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