7 Days to Die Wiki

Since Alpha 11 the game provides an interface for modding. This defines where mods have to be located and what the folder and file structure is.

Supported Features[ | ]

Feature Introduced Limitations
Code Mods A11 Dedicated Server Build only
Item Icons A12 -

Mod Layout[ | ]

All mods have to be put in a folder Mods within the game root folder, next to the executable files. Each mod is to be put in its own folder therein and has to have a ModInfo.xml, resulting in a folder structure like this:

  • 7DaysToDie.exe
  • Mods/
    • ExampleMod1/
      • ModInfo.xml
    • ExampleMod2/
      • ModInfo.xml

ModInfo.xml[ | ]

The ModInfo.xml contains information about the mod. At the time of writing (A12) this contains the following information:

Name (required)
Name of the mod
Description (optional)
A description of what the mod does
Author (optional)
Name of the author of the mod
Version (optional)
An version identifier, e.g. an increasing number
Website (optional)
A link to the website of this mod

Example file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
		<Name value="Icon loading test" />
		<Description value="Example for loading custom item icons" />
		<Author value="Christian 'Alloc' Illy" />
		<Version value="2" />
		<Website value="http://7daystodie.com" />

Mod Features[ | ]

Code Mods[ | ]

Allow to add functionality through code to the game. Further information can be found on ModAPI.

Item Icons[ | ]

With this feature it is possible to add / override icons used for items in the in game item grids like the inventory. Simply add a folder named ItemIcons to the mod folder and put the icons you want to add/override inside. The file name (without extension) is used as the icon name as referenced in e.g. the Items.xml.

All icons have to be saved as PNG in ARGB32 format (that is, 8 bit per alpha, red, green and blue channel) with a size of 116 * 80 px.

An example mod overriding the icons for the 762mm bullet and the bottled water can be found here, containing the following mod folder structure:

  • ItemIconTest/
    • ModInfo.xml
    • ItemIcons/
      • 762mmBullet.png
      • bottledWater.png

As of A12 the atlas can be 8192 * 8192 px. Standard icon size is 116px * 80 px, with padding 118px * 82 px. This allows for 69 * 99 icons (6,831).

As of A18 the location for the item icons has been changed from Mods/<mod_name>/ItemIcons to Mods/<mod_name>/UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas.