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This page contains content no longer in the game.
This feature was removed and exists only in previous versions of 7 Days to Die.

A Mold is a craftable item that is used to either smelt ore or Scrap items into the more usable/stackable ingot items at a Forge OR to duplicate items and parts for weapons. Molds are unique in that they do not stack and you only ever really need one of each.

Molds are created by placing 5 "lump of Clay" items in "U" shape 2 blocks tall and 3 blocks wide centered in the middle crafting column. Iron Ingot molds are created with nothing in the gap of the "U", and the rest by placing a sample of the item to be copied in the gap with the gap positioned in the exact center of the crafting grid.


Ingot Molds
Iron Ingot Mold Lead Ingot Mold Brass Ingot Mold
IngotMoldIron.png IngotMoldLead.png IngotMoldBrass.png
Copper Ingot Mold
Tungsten Ingot Mold
IngotMoldCopper.png IngotMoldTungsten.png
Utility Molds
Cement Mold Glass Window Mold Jar Mold
CementMold.png GlassWindowMold.png EmptyJarMold.png
Iron Arrowhead Mold Steel Arrowhead Mold Bullet Tip Mold Bullet Casing Mold Nail Mold
IronArrowHeadMold.png SteelArrowHeadMold.png BulletTipMold.png BulletCasingMold.png NailMold.png
(only available through the Creative Menu)
Hunting Rifle
Hunting Rifle Bolt Mold Hunting Rifle Barrel Mold
HuntingRifleBoltMold.png HuntingRifleBarrelMold.png
Pistol Receiver Mold Pistol Parts Mold Pistol Barrel Mold
Pistol triggerHousing mold.png Pistol slide mold.png Pistol barrel mold.png
Pump Shotgun
Shotgun Receiver Mold Shotgun Barrel Mold
PumpShotgun triggerHousing mold.png PumpShotgun barrel mold.png
Sawed off Pump Shotgun
Shotgun Receiver Mold Shotgun Shrt Barrel Mold
PumpShotgun triggerHousing mold.png PumpShotgun shortBarrel mold.png
SMG Stock Mold SMG Receiver Mold SMG Barrel Mold
Mp5 stock mold.png SMGReceiverMold.png Mp5 barrel mold.png
Sniper Rifle
Sniper Stock Mold Sniper Receiver Mold Sniper Handguard Mold Sniper Barrel Mold
SniperRifle stock mold.png SniperRifle triggerHousing mold.png Sniper handguard mold.png SniperRifle barrel 1 mold.png

Dynamic Table[]


  • Since alpha 11 weapon molds can no longer be crafted in survival. This is due to changes that now require all weapons to have the new Parts item associated to each weapon. Furthermore, weapon molds are also gated behind schematics that can only be obtained using the Creative Menu. However, even in creative, the player would still be unable to craft a complete set of weapon molds due to the fact that no molds exist for the new Parts item, thus, making it impossible to forge a complete set of weapon parts.
  • In order to create all molds for a gun, a player must have the same number of the gun as molds. For example, to make all pistol molds, the player will need 3 pistol to obtain all the parts.
  • 2 of the 4 parts required to make a shotgun are crafted from plywood.
  • Iron Ingots, Forging Metal, Scrap Iron, and Short Metal Bars can all be placed in a forge to make a Gun Part.
  • The creative inventory contains several metals and molds that currently have no use, such as Copper and Aluminum.


All molds (Alpha 12.3 (b5)