7 Days to Die Wiki

Overview[ | ]

Multiplayer has existed in different forms from very early Alphas of the game. Players have the option turn their world from a Solo Player map to a Multiplayer map by changing their Server visibility from Not Listed to either Friends Only or to Public. Either setting will create a Peer to Peer connection to players that join your game.

Dedicated Servers[ | ]

Players have the option to have their game hosted on their choice of Dedicated Server Providers at their own expense.

System Requirements[ | ]

Please note that these recommendations are only a rule of thumb and that 7 Days to Die can be enjoyed on a wide variety of hardware.

RAM[ | ]

Although the Store Page for 7 Days to Die recommends 12GB's of RAM it should be noted that 16 or more is suggested.

CPU[ | ]

The game can be played on the recommended 4 Core CPU for solo play but 6 cores would provide a better experience during Multiplayer play.

Voice Chat[ | ]

7 Days To Die supports two kinds of voice chat:

  • In-game voice chat for players in a party, backed by EOS' voice system
  • Mumble Positional Audio to have direction and distance dependent voice chat for the whole server.