7 Days to Die Wiki

7 Days To Die supports Mumble to have a voice chat where the players' relative position to each other controls how you hear their voices. This means that you will be able to hear both their direction as well as their distance.

Prerequisites[ | ]

You will need to have a Mumble server that every user you want to play with can connect to as well as a Mumble client installed on every client.

Mumble positional Audio is only available starting Alpha 21

Setup[ | ]

The Mumble server does not require any specific setup. You can set "suggestPositional=true" though to make people who connect to the Mumble server aware of enabling the feature in their client.

In the Mumble client every user has to enable both the positional audio feature as well as the required "Link" plugin to allow the game to talk to the Mumble client:

Enabling Positional Audio in Mumble

Enabling the Link plugin in Mumble

In 7 Days To Die you only have to enable the support for Mumble's Positional Audio in the Audio Settings:

Enabling Mumble support in 7 Days To Die

Use[ | ]

Once you enter a game Mumble should show that the game is linked to the Mumble client:

Mumble showing a successful game link

If you enter a 7 Days To Die server with other players who are on the same Mumble server you should already notice the effect of positional audio.