“The nail gun is the best tool for repairing and upgrading base walls and not a bad weapon to boot if you have nails.”


The Nailgun is a multipurpose tool primarily used in construct or repair block. This item can also be used as a weapon to deal damage. When building or dealing damage, the Nailgun will consume ammunition: Nails.

The Nailgun can be found through scavenging or it can be assembled after reading the Nailgun Schematic.


When used to construct blocks, the Nailgun will build or repair for 250 points per Nail used.

Dealing Damage

The Nailgun can also be used as a weapon to deal damage but Nails have a low base damage of 5 - 10. The only notable feature, is the Nailgun's higher headshot damage multiplier. Most weapon have a 5x headshot multiplyer but the Nailgun has 6x.


The player must first find and read the Nailgun Schematic.png Nailgun Schematic before assembling the Nailgun with the following items:


Similar to other weapons, the Nailgun's damage is based on the damage its ammunition does.

Image Name Entity Damage Block Damage Other Effects
Nails.png Nails 5 - 10 0.1 - 0.2
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