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Some items' or groups' chance to drop changes according to the player's gamestage. Here you can see those values for any gamestage you want using the little box below. Just type the gamestage you want in the box and press the Apply!-button. The values should change immediately, if the chance is different.

Current game stage: 1
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Basic Information
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Group Ammo/Weapons
Category Ammunition, Intermediate Resource
Loot Container
Gear Slot
Covering Attribute
Block Properties
Hit Points
Storage Slots
Horizontal Support
Light Opacity
Upgrades to
Breaks to
Weapon/Tool Properties
Entity Damage 5
Power Attack Entity Damage
Block Damage 0.1
Power Attack Block Damage
Effective Range
Explosion Range Entities
Explosion Range Blocks
Attacks per Minute
Rounds per Minute
Reload Time
Ammo Type
Magazine Size
Stamina Usage
Power Attack Stamina Usage
Damage Multiplier: Earth 0
Damage Multiplier: Metal 0
Damage Multiplier: Stone 0
Damage Multiplier: Wood 0.1
Butcher Tool
Butcher Damage Multiplier
Butcher Resource Multiplier
Disassemble Tool
Vehicle Properties
Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Sprint Speed
Protection Properties
Cold Resist
Heat Resist
Armor Rating
Elemental Protection
Mobility Reduction
Stamina Regen Reduction
Noise Increase
Mod Properties
Added Reload Speed
Added Elemental Damage Resist
Added Cold Resist
Added Heat Resist
Added Mobility
Added Stamina Regen
Added Armor Rating
Added Carrying Capacity
Added Noise Reduction
Damage Falloff Range
Max Range
Spread Multiplier from the hip
Spread Multiplier aiming down sights
Spread Multiplier when walking
Spread Multiplier when crouched
Horizontal Recoil
Vertical Recoil
Weapon Handling
Entity Damage Modifier
Burst Round Count
Rounds Per Minute
Recoil after each shot
Horizontal Crosshair change
Vertical Crosshair change
Added Magazine size
Added Block Damage
Degradation Rate
Damage Modifier
Consumption Effects
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on Stamina
Effect on Health
Effect on Max Health
Buff Chance (%)
Buff Effect
Dysentery Chance (%)
Characteristic Properties
Durability (Min Quality)
Durability (Max Quality)
Degradation per Use
Mod Type
Compatible Mods
Repaired Using
Electrical Power Required
Base Price
Max Stack 1000
Scrapping/Forging Properties
Scraps into
Meltable Yes
Material Iron
Burn Time
Farming Properties
Crop produced
Seed used
Time to grow
Obtainable Through

Description[edit | edit source]

Nails are resource that are used in the crafting of many different items, they can also be used as a type of ammunition, usable only by the Nailgun. They are consumed when using the nailgun as an offensive weapon (by left-clicking); upgrading/repairing a block (by right-clicking) will not consume any Nails.

When used as ammunition from a Nailgun, the amount of damage done is based in part on the quality of the Nailgun used.

Nails can be cast in a Forge, and found in various locations (most commonly found in Garage Storage). Nails can be scrapped or smelted in a Forge to produce iron.

Scrapping[edit | edit source]

Nails can be scrapped into Scrap Iron, 2 Nails are required to make 1 Scrap Iron.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Required Items[edit | edit source]

ScrapIron.png 1* Iron (Forge) At a
that has a
Anvil.png Anvil
Clay.png 1* Clay (Forge)
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Used to craft[edit | edit source]


The following recipes require Nails: (NOTE: Times are based on a level one skill and the material that an object is crafted from, which is only reliable for food at the moment, so is rather difficult to calculate, this table is auto-generated):

Item Required Materials Workstation Implement Time Book Skill
Bellows.png Advanced Bellows Woodresource.png Wood *6, Leather.png Leather *20, ShortMetalPipe.png Short Iron Pipe *2, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *5, Nails.png Nails *5 - - 41.5 Advanced Bellows Schematic -
MineHubcap.png Hub Cap Land Mine ForgedIron.png Forged Iron *1, GunPowder.png Gun Powder *8, Nail.png Nails *1, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *1 Workbench - 8 - Demolitions Expert
LeatherCouchCorner.png Leather Couch Leather.png Leather *5, Nails.png Nails *10, Woodresource.png Wood *10 Table Saw - 12.5 - -
Nightstand.png Night Stand Woodresource.png Wood *20, Nails.png Nails *10 - - 5 - -
Chair01.png Old Chair Nails.png Nails *10, Woodresource.png Wood *10 - - 2.5 - -
SectionalCorner.png Old Couch Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *5, Nails.png Nails *10, Woodresource.png Wood *10 - - 2.5 - -
RedWoodTable.png Red Wood Table PlantChrysanthemum.png Chrysanthemum Flower *1, Nails.png Nails *10, Woodresource.png Wood *15 - - 8.75 - -
Storagebox.png Storage Box Nails.png Nails *10, Woodresource.png Wood *12 - - 3 - -
AmmoBox.png Storage Generic Nails.png Nails *10, Woodresource.png Wood *20 - - 5 - -
WoodTable.png Wood Table Nails.png Nails *10, Woodresource.png Wood *10 Workbench - 2.5 - -
OldChair.png Wooden Chair Woodresource.png Wood *10, Nails.png Nails *10 - - 2.5 - -
PlayerSignWood1x1.png Wooden Sign Nails.png Nails *4, Woodresource.png Wood *10
Nails.png Nails *10, Woodresource.png Wood *30
Nails.png Nails *20, Woodresource.png Wood *100

Common Crafting Junk

Cloth.pngCloth Fragment, DuctTape.pngDuct Tape, ElectricParts.pngElectrical Parts, Leather.pngLeather, MechanicalParts.pngMechanical Parts, Nails.pngNails, Paper.pngPaper, YuccaFibers.pngPlant Fibers, ScrapPlastics.pngScrap Polymers, ShortMetalPipe.pngShort Iron Pipe, RockSmall.pngSmall Stone, Woodresource.pngWood