Nerd Pole Strategy

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Current game stage: 1
A simple Nerd Pole.
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The Nerd Pole Strategy is a technique whereby a player jumps and places a block below them. This may be used to reach a previously unreachable height, to reach and possibly destroy objects placed higher up, or simply to escape a deep trench or cave.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This technique will not keep a player safe in the open, if a zombie attacks the bottom block of the Nerd Pole, everything will come crashing down.
  • That said, the above may not be true once a player reaches the absolute maximum height in the game. Zombies appear to ignore a players presence at such a height.
  • Be very careful when using this at any decent height, sometimes a Nerd Pole will push the player off the currently built stack and send them crashing to their own grisly demise. At lower heights a player could suffer a leg injury.

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