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Noah is an potentially planned ally NPC for 7 Days to Die, though is currently unseen in the game.

History[ | ]

As of Alpha 20.6, little to nothing is known about Noah. He supposedly finds the player character after they cross the Duke of Navezgane, with the character naked in the wilderness and left with no supplies as a result. Noah leaves them with a short guide, translating out to the eight Tutorial Quests which teach newer player the game mechanics. He makes mention of the White River Settlement, which likewise has not been added into the game yet.

Judging by the wording of his note, Noah either read the other note left on the player character by the Duke, or the settlement has seen others left in such a state by the Duke.

Speculation[ | ]

  • Presumably, Noah runs the White River Settlement, or at least has a say in who may join as a citizen.
  • PaintingNoah
    One of the paintings that can show up in Points of Interest is called "paintingNoah" in the files. At present, it is unknown if this is the same person as Noah or not.