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Nuclear Fallout Zone
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Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

"Nuclear Fallout Zones are dead places completely covered with high levels of radiation caused by the Nuclear Warfare. The nuclear bombs dropped when the War and the apocalypse began and spread radiation almost everywhere around the country making these places completely lethal to whoever decides to walk into them without a radiation suit."

They serve as a barrier to keep players within the playable parts of Navezgane. Players that walk into the biome will start to lose health and will eventually die if they do not leave the biome. Nuclear Fallout Zones can be easily identified by their distinct green color.

The Nuclear Fallout Zone is irradiated and indicates a fallout of sorts. Zombies seem not to be affected by the radiation, though any living animals that wander into it will die within seconds.

At the end of the radiation zone, a simple gray horizon awaits and if you pass this limit, a simple drop of a ledge is awaiting the player, but instead of dying you reappear a few meters away from it, facing the opposite direction of the ledge.

In a Random Gen map, the Nuclear Fallout Zone is present as a barrier at 10k km in a circle around the 0,0 coordinates. This was added in A13 due to bugs happening when you get too far away from the center of the map. You can edit this in the XML's though and still have a truly limitless world.

It's important to note that wearing a hazmat suit will not prevent you from dying via the radiation.



- When near the Nuclear Fallout Zone it is possible for supply crates to be dropped there, thus being almost unable to get to them. To prevent this from happening, go away from the Nuclear Fallout Zone at the time around the airdrops.

- On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One edition of the game the Nuclear Fallout Zone generates infinitely and actually has oceans if the player ventures far enough.