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Launching a dedicated OSX server is pretty much the same thing as the Windows Server except the launch script.

Launch Script[ | ]

Create a new file named launch_7daytodie with the following content :

#! /usr/bin/env bash

# Starts a dedicated server
# -quit, -batchmode, -nographics: Unity commands
# -ip=X                         : Server listens only on this IP
# -port=X                       : Server listens on port X (also needs ports X+1, X+2)
# -gamemode=0|1                 : 0=coop (default), 1=pvp. So far the only difference is that players don't show up on map in pvp
# -difficulty=X                 : 1 <= X <= 10. The spawning of zombie waves stop at day X.
# -world=X                      : Loads world X.
# -name=X                       : The name of the (save) game is X.
# -dedicated                    : Has to be the last option to start the dedicated server.

/PathTo7DaysToDie.app/7DaysToDie.app/Contents/MacOS/7\ Days\ To\ Die -quit -batchmode -nographics -port=25000 -maxplayers=8 -gamemode=0 -difficulty=3 -world="Navezgane" -name="My Game" -dedicated &

# wait until game started
sleep 20

# connect to the service interface. use 'shutdown' to stop the server
echo "Type shutdown to stop the server."
telnet localhost 25003

Don't forget to replace /PathTo7DaysToDie.app with the actual path of 7DaysToDie .app file. After that you just need to make the file executable. Normally a chmod +x would do the trick.

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