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The Old Western Town is a town located in the Desert at 434S, 1733E in Navezgane. It has a withered appearance, looking basically untouched from its original building, apart from being damaged by both time and zombies.

Overview[ | ]

The Old Western Town is a small neighborhood with a few buildings, many unique to it, such as a sheriff's office and a special church. Cowboy Zombies can be found here frequently, fitting with the wild west theme. Sleeping zombies are found in large groups here, so weaponry that is powerful but also silent, such as a rifle with a Silencer or a crossbow with Steel/Iron bolts are extremely effective.

Camping[ | ]

Hordes respawn in this town, similarly to large cities, but it is generally more safe to camp out in than a major city such as Diersville or Gravestowne, due to the lower amount of buildings and high-end zombies.

Loot[ | ]

There's a surprising amount of rather decent loot here for such a small town. (More info needed, exact containers and quantity of them would be extremely helpful.)