7 Days to Die Wiki

Outposts serve as a player's secondary base, or any bases that are not considered as a player's 'main base' (whether it exists or not). Unlike makeshift Base Camps, Outposts serve as a more permanent housing that is visited whenever a player wishes to restock their supplies, cook food, forge ores, or to stay the night without needing to go all the way back to their main base. When players need to unload their inventory to loot another area, they can visit an Outpost to do so.

In multi-player, Outposts are not a very good idea unless the player is in a faction and/or has a lot of keystones. However, claim block decay must be refreshed, making it rather difficult to refresh all claims for outposts. In Single Player, Outposts are an excellent way for a player to have control over the map and make it easier for looting runs.

Outposts tend to be a considerable distance away from a player's main base or other Outposts, and thus tend to be built with more or less the same facilities (Forge Campfire, storage area, armory, etc.) to fulfill a player's needs. Established players can choose to make one (or more) outpost at every single map area (e.g snow, desert, plains, forest) to have even more control of the map.

Building[ | ]

Outposts should be made small but able to fit all of a player's facilities. They can be built to be eye-catching so a player can notice them easily, but this is inadvisable in Survival MP.

Facilities[ | ]

Every Outpost tends to need the following basic facilities:

  • Forging area. This is easily done by placing a Forge, but placing more Forges means faster forging and placing chests help to keep things organised.
  • Cooking area. Same as Forging area.
  • General storage. This keeps everything else. Multiple chests might be needed for more tidiness.
  • A bed to act as a temporary re-spawn marker for the area.

Advanced Facilities[ | ]

When a player has more resources and is more established, outposts may be upgraded to suit the player's needs. These facilities are entirely optional.

  • Armory - Stores a player's many weapons and ammo.
  • Watchtower - This can be established right on the outpost itself. This also makes your outpost very easy to spot, which should be avoided in Survival MP.
  • Secret Access - A more secretive entrance/exit for your outpost.