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Pass n Gas Gas Station
Pass n Gas Gas Station Front
Pass n Gas Gas Station Rear
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Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Pass n Gas Gas Stations are pre-existing structures in Navezgane and Random World Generation. They are good spots to take shelter from Zombies, as the ladder can be climbed and then destroyed. Gas Stations can be found in almost any biome, and appear to come in different forms. They hold a variety of items to be scavenged.

Loot[ | ]

Location in Navezgane[ | ]

Pass n Gas Gas Stations are located at:

  • 1269 N, 561 E
  • 322 S, 776 E
  • 1044 N, 1760 E
  • 1731 N, 942 E
  • 619 N, 1486 E
  • In Perishton


Location in Random World Generation[ | ]

They can spawn in any city, town, or they can also spawn by themselves rarely. In big cities sometimes 2-3 can spawn in one city.

Video Tutorial : Alpha 13.8[ | ]

The video below shows the coordinates to the Gas Stations in Navezgane and demonstrates the types of loot containers and some loot as of alpha 13.8

Gallery[ | ]