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Current game stage: 1

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Sign outside of Perishton.
'Removed: '
Category City
Biome %Items without a group
Coordinates 1800 N, 1600 W

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation No

Perishton is a city in the north west of Navezgane comprised of various buildings including: Shamway Grocery Store, Gas Station and a Bank containing 18 safes. There are also 2 known Vending Machines at this location. There is a main street with a Gun Store, a Book Store, a Pop-N-Pills, and a Hardware Store, but these are all smaller versions with only 2-4 loot crates. The city has two Workbenches and a Chemistry Station.

Perishton replaced the Ghost Town that was removed in the same update that added Perishton.

Buildings in Perishton[]

Common Buildings

Unique Buildings

  • Water Filtration Site

Power Plant[]

In the southern section of the city is a large Power Plant protected by a fence. It contains 7 Working Stiffs Crates. A Scrap Iron Hatch near the southwest corner of the fence leads into a tunnel into the main plant.