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Current game stage: 1
"Use medicine and health items more effectively."
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Attribute Intellect
Group Craftsmanship
Max level 4
Experience to level
Experience Multiplier
Experience Multiplier
Skill points to level
Skill points multiplier

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Physician is a Craftsmanship Perk in the Intellect Attribute.

Requirements and Effects[]

Skill Level Level Name Effect Description Intellect Level Buy
1 Intern Medical healing items heal 25% more health over time. Gain 40% more XP using bandages, first aid bandages, first aid kits and splints. Can craft chemistry stations, first aid bandages and plaster casts. 3 1 PT
2 Doctor Medical healing items heal 40% more health over time. Gain 60% more XP using bandages, first aid bandages, first aid kits and splints. Can craft items 20% faster at chemistry stations. 6 1 PT
3 Surgeon Medical healing items heal 55% more health over time. Gain 80% more XP using bandages, first aid bandages, first aid kits and splints. Can craft first aid kits and steroids. 8 1 PT
4 Miracle Worker Miracle worker. Medical healing items heal 75% more health over time. Gain 100% more XP using bandages, first aid bandages, first aid kits and splints. Can craft Fortbites, Recog, and antibiotics. Craft items 40% faster at chemistry stations. 9 1 PT


The following recipes require Physician: (NOTE: Times are based on a level one skill and the material that an object is crafted from, which is only reliable for food at the moment, so is rather difficult to calculate, this table is auto-generated):

Item Required Materials Workstation Implement Time
Antibiotics.png Antibiotics MoldyBread.png Moldy Bread *4, PotassiumNitratePowder.png Nitrate Powder *3, BottledWater.png Bottled Water *1
MoldyBread.png Moldy Bread *1, PotassiumNitratePowder.png Nitrate Powder *1, BottledRiverWater.png Bottled Murky Water *1
Chemistry Station
04′ 16.5"
01′ 10.5"
ChemistryStation.png Chemistry Station Beaker.png Beaker *1, ForgedIron.png Forged Iron *100, CookingPot.png Cooking Pot *3, ShortMetalPipe.png Short Iron Pipe *30, Acid.png Bottle of Acid *5 Workbench - 17′ 19"
FirstAidBandage.png First Aid Bandage AloeCream.png Aloe Cream *1, Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *2 - - 00′ 03"
FirstAidKit.png First Aid Kit GrainAlcohol.png Grain Alcohol *1, BloodBag.png Blood Bag *1, Bandage.png Bandage *1, SewingKit.png Sewing Kit *1 Chemistry Station - 00′ 04"
FortBites.png Fort Bites BloodBag.png Blood Bag *5, GrainAlcohol.png Grain Alcohol *1, Rotting Flesh.png Rotting Flesh *20, Vitamins.png Vitamins *1 Chemistry Station - 31′ 47"
PlasterCast.png Plaster Cast Cloth.png Cloth Fragment *2, CornMeal.png Corn Meal *4, CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand *2, BottledRiverWater.png Bottled Murky Water *1 Chemistry Station - 00′ 54"
Recog.png Recog Acid.png Bottle of Acid *2, GrainAlcohol.png Grain Alcohol *1, ScrapPlastics.png Scrap Polymers *5, Vitamins.png Vitamins *1 Campfire - 00′ 14"
Steroids.png Steroids Oil.png Oil *1, GrainAlcohol.png Grain Alcohol *1, TestosteroneExtract.png Testosterone Extract *1 Chemistry Station - 00′ 04"