Pill Case is a container most often found in Pop-N-Pills stores and Hospitals.

This blocks contains a variety of medical related items.


Pill Case cannot be crafted and is not used in any recipes.


Pill Case can contain the following loot:

Image Name Count % Chance
Scrap Plastics.png Scrap Plastics 1 - 2 15%

Pill Case will also contain one item from the following list:

Image Name Loot Group
Painkillers.png Painkillers Medicine
FirstAidBandage.png First Aid Bandage Medicine
EmptyJar.png Glass Jar Medicine
BloodBag.png Blood Bag Medicine
Vitamins.png Vitamins Medicine
GrainAlcohol.png Grain Alcohol Medicine
Splint.png Splint Medicine
FirstAidKit.png First Aid Kit Rare Medicine
Beaker.png Beaker Rare Medicine
Antibiotics.png Antibiotics Rare Medicine
BloodDrawKit.png Blood Draw Kit Rare Medicine
FirstAidKitSchematic.png First Aid Kit Schematic Rare Medicine

Note: When deciding what loot Pill Case will contain, the game will pick on item on the "Medicine" loot group. The Medicine loot group also contains an entry to pick an item from the "Rare Medicine" loot group. This causes there to be ~11% chance to get an item from the Rare Medicine loot group as opposed to being a ~38% if all the items had an equal chance to be picked (e.i. all in one loot group). See the Loot.xml file for specifics.

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