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This page contains content no longer in the game.
This location/biome was removed in Alpha 17.

Pine Forest
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Removed: Alpha 17
Category Biome
Resources None


Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Description[ | ]

The Pine Forest features a hilly terrain. It is very similar to the Forest Biome, but with large Pine trees instead of deciduous trees. This Biome features a slightly cooler temperature than the regular Forest. Its moderate temperature makes the pine forest biome a good location for a starting area or end game base.

Environment[ | ]

The Pine Forest is home to plentiful wildlife, such as Pigs, Stags, Bears, and Rabbits. Harvestable plants also grow among the abundant tall grass. These include Goldenrod Flowers and Chrysanthemums, which can be used to make their respective teas, and Cotton Plants, which can be converted into the useful Cloth Fragment.

Other features include Hollow Tree Stumps, and many boulders, which can be broken down for Small Stones and raw iron. The ground is made of Forest Ground.

Snow, Rain and Fog are all Weather types that can occur in the Pine Forest.

Points of Interest[ | ]

The Pine Forest shares many points of interest with the Forest. It's very common to find Gas Stations and Campsites. If the survivor is lucky, they may find shops such as the Shotgun Messiah Gun Store. In Navezgane, this biome is the sole home to hunters' lodges, as well as Spillway Lake.

Images[ | ]