A Pistol is a short to medium range semi automatic side arm which can be found throughout the world in 7 Days to Die, such as Gun Safes, Infected Police Officers, and Toilets, or it can be crafted.

The Pistol requires 9mm Rounds and will hold 15 cartridges. It reloads automatically, if the correct Ammunition is available. It can also be reloaded manually at any time using the reload key (default key R).


The Pistol is very effectively when used to shoot zombies in the head, which is easiest to accomplish at a short range. It takes one shot in the head to kill a normal Zombie and two shots to kill a bloated Zombie. It takes several shots on the body or limbs.

It is a very effective firearm for stealthily taking out a single zombie, as it has a nominally short range of 15 meters. As long as no zombie are within that range, one could use it while looting more populated areas, though it is still risky.


Once the necessary items have been gathered (Listed below) they will need to be assembled at a workbench.

Forged Steel x15
Mechanical Parts.png
Mechanical Parts x15
Duct Tape x2
Scrap Plastics.png
Scrap Polymer x10
Spring x5
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