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This page contains content no longer in the game.
This location/biome was removed in Alpha 17.

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Removed: Alpha 17
Category Biome
Resources None


Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Description[ | ]

Plains are rolling grassy areas of Navezgane. Players can find Animals and Corn Plants here. It is generally flat with some cliffs spread throughout it. It is also the only Biome that spawns Corn Plants in the wild.

Environment[ | ]

The ground is completely covered in tall yellowish grass and very hilly. There are lots of boulders which give Small Stones and Scrap Iron if broken down. There are a lot of shrubs and some leafless trees here and there. Corn can be found in this biome and survivors can use it to start Farming.

The Temperature of Plains is a little warmer than the Forest, but it's not as hot as the Desert, making this a good biome for early-game survival.

The overall flat landscape improves visibility at longer distances.

Points of Interest[ | ]

This Biome has a good variety of POI's that can be found there, such as Rural Areas, Houses and multi-story buildings. If the player is lucky they might stumble upon a shop, such as a Gun Store. Campsites are very common as well as Gas Stations. There are some other POI's which are only found in Navezgane like the Police Station, Army Recon Campsite, High School, and Book Stores.

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