7 Days to Die Wiki

Description[ | ]

Plants play a crucial role in the survival and crafting mechanics of the game. From providing essential resources for sustenance to offering materials for crafting, understanding the various plants scattered across the post-apocalyptic landscape is vital for any survivor.

Categories of Plants[ | ]

Broadly speaking, plants can be categorized into Grasses, Bushes and Shrubs, Crops, and Trees.

Grasses[ | ]

Grass is a ubiquitous feature of the environment, covering much of the landscape in various biomes. Grass typically appears as tufts of green vegetation covering the ground in grassy biomes, but also comes in several varieties with other visual appearances.

While seemingly mundane, grass serves several important functions. It provides a natural backdrop to the game's world and contributes to the overall atmosphere and aesthetics. It also can be harvested by players for its valuable Plant Fibers.

Shrubs and Bushes[ | ]

Bushes and shrubs in 7 Days to Die are typically low-lying plants with dense foliage, often found in forested areas, grasslands, and other green biomes. They contribute to the visual richness of the game world and provide environmental context for players.

Bushes and shrubs can be harvested for their valuable and easy to obtain Wood.

Crops[ | ]

A crop typically refers to a cultivated plant that is grown and harvested for a useful purpose, typically as food, feed, fiber, or fuel. Various plants can be found in the wild, harvested, and converted into Seeds for Farming, the intentional planting and management of crops.

List of Crops
Name Found in biome Found at Seed Drops
Aloe Vera Plant Desert Everywhere Aloe Vera Seed Aloe Vera Leaf
Blueberry Plant Snowy Forest Garden beds around houses Blueberry Seed Blueberries
Chrysanthemum Plant Forest Everywhere Chrysanthemum Seed Chrysanthemum
Coffee Plant No natural Spawn Coffee Seed Coffee Beans
Corn Plant Forest Corn Field around Farms Corn Seed Ear of Corn
Cotton Plant Forest Everywhere Cotton Seed Cotton
Goldenrod Plant Forest Everywhere Goldenrod Seed Goldenrod Plant
Hop Plant No natural Spawn Hop Seed Hop Flower
Mushroom Clump All Inside Caves Mushroom Spore Seed Mushroom Clump
Pumpkin Plant No natural Spawn Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin
Potato Plant Forest Potato Fields around Farms Potato Seed Potato
Super Corn Plant Forest Farm House with Sign "Bobs-Boars" + "Carls Corn".

The Plants are inside a greenhouse in the basement of the Building.

Super Corn Seed Ear of Super Corn
Yucca Plant Desert Everywhere Yucca Seed Yucca Fruit

Trees[ | ]

Trees are vital plants that provide abundant amounts of Wood, a versatile material used in crafting, building, and fuel production.

List of Trees
Name Found in biome Seed
Blue Spruce Tree Blue Spruce Seed
Oak Tree Oak Seed
Mountain Pine Tree Pine Seed
Winter Pine Tree Pine Seed