7 Days to Die Wiki

Every Character has many statistics, viewable from the Character Menu, most of which the player must care for in order to survive. There are also other statistics that are purely informational and do not have a direct effect on the game. There are also some hidden statistics, such as Speed, that do not show up in the player's Character Menu. On the Game Mechanics page, a few of these statistics are also described.

Character Level[]

  • Every player has their own personal level.
  • Increasing your level is accomplished by gaining Experience. The amount of experience required to advance to the next level is available as an informational statistic.
  • Skill points are gained with each character level, allowing you to increase your level in the various Skills and Perks.
  • ToolsWeapons, and Clothing do not require any minimum character level to use.


  • Health represents that character's current HP or hit points. It is the most important stat, as reaching zero health results in the player dying. Taking damage decreases your Health. Damage can be caused by a number of different things such as being hit by Zombies, being hit by other players, falling long distances, etc. Players do not heal over time, and if damaged they must heal themselves to regain the missing health by using items that restore Health, such as various Food items, Painkillers, or First Aid Kits.
  • Max Health is the current maximum that your health can be healed to. Your Health cannot exceed your Max Health. Certain types of damage not only decrease your health but also decrease your Max Health. In order to restore lost Max Health, you must use items that increase Max Health, such as Simple Bandages, First Aid Bandages, or First Aid Kits.
  • Max Health Cap is the maximum your Health and Max Health can be and is solely determined by your Fortitude attribute level. The baseline Max Health Cap is 100 with a Fortitude attribute level of 1. Max Health Cap can be increased by spending skill points to increase the Fortitude attribute. Status Effects that lower your Fortitude will cause a temporary drop in your Max Health Cap.


  • Stamina represents the amount of energy you have to perform various physical activities such as sprinting, jumping, pedaling a Bicycle, swinging a weapon or tool, or drawing a bow. Red Tea will decrease the amount of Stamina being used while doing these activities. Spent stamina will slowly replenish over time, even while the player is doing an activity that is using stamina. Certain items will increase your stamina regeneration rate, such as Beer, Red Tea, Golden Rod Tea, or Coffee. Being Thirsty will decrease your Stamina regeneration rate.
  • Max Stamina is the current maximum to which your Stamina can be replenished. Max Stamina is usually equal to your Fullness level, but it cannot exceed your Max Stamina Cap. In order to restore lost Max Stamina, consume food to raise your Fullness.
  • Max Stamina Cap represents the maximum to which your Max Stamina can be replenished. Max Stamina Cap is solely determined by your Agility attribute level. Status effects that lower your Agility attribute will temporarily also lower your Max Stamina Cap.

Fullness (Food)[]

  • Fullness is a measure of the Food level of a character. Fullness can range from 25 up to a maximum of 50 higher than the character's Max Stamina Cap.
  • In the absence of performing activities that use Stamina, Fullness decreases steadily at a barely noticeable rate. While recovering lost Stamina, Fullness decreases faster.
  • When Fullness drops below the player's Max Stamina Cap, the character's Max Stamina will drop to the current Fullness level.
  • When Fullness drops below 50% of Max Stamina Cap, the status effect Hungry is applied, notifying you that your Max Stamina is decreased.
  • When Fullness drops below 30% of Max Stamina Cap, the status effect Starving is applied, notifying you that your Max Stamina is decreased and damaging you over time.
  • Fullness will cease decreasing when it reaches 25% of Max Stamina Cap. However, the Starving effect will still be ongoing.
  • Fullness is increased by consuming items that increase Max Stamina, such as Food.

Hydration (Water)[]

  • The player's thirst is controlled by when and how much the player eats. If the player does not eat food the player's fullness will slowly decline until it reaches 0. At this point the player will get the Thirsty status effect, reducing wellness, then after a period of time will receive the Thirst Stage 2 (Dehydration) status effect, slowly killing the player.
  • The only way to increase a player's thirst is to drink any beverage. There are some foods that can increase the player's thirst along with hunger. (Along with some foods that will reduce the player's thirst).
  • Temperature can increase the speed of which thirst decreases.

Temperature (Feels Like)[]

  • (This section is from the Game Mechanics page).
  • Every player has their own temperature and it can be affected by clothing, their surroundings, or the weather and more.
  • Temperature cannot give the player any positive affects, it can only give neutral and negative affects.
  • If the player does not stay between 31°F and 99°F (-0.5°C to 37°C) and goes below or beyond these temperatures they will start to be affected with Status Effects that will negatively affect the player's Fullness (Hunger), Hydration (Thirst), HealthStamina, and Speed. If the temperature is not keep to a suitable level the player will die.
  • Every biome has a different outside Temperature, Burnt Forest, or the Snowy Forest are either constantly hot or constantly cold, while the Forest is suitable temperature.
  • Standing near other players will not increase your temperature.


  • Every player has a maximum speed of 100%. This means a player's speed can not go above 100%, but can be reduced below 100%.
  • Injuries such as a Broken Leg can reduce the player's speed.
  • Illnesses such as Heat Stroke Stage 2 can reduce the player's speed.
  • Attacks given by Zombies can also reduce the player's speed.

Informational Statistics[]

  • These statistics have no impact on game-play, and is merely information provided to the player for certain stats. These stats are as follows
    • Zombie Kills. The amount of zombies the player has slain.
    • Player Kills. The amount of other players the player has slain
    • Deaths. The amount of times the player has died.
    • KM Traveled. The distance the player has traveled.
    • Items Crafted. The amount of items crafted by the player.
    • Longest Life. How long since the player last died.