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Point of Interest
Point of Interest
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Random World Generation

POI Indicator

A notification showing a point of interest the player is currently located in

A Point of Interest (POI) is any building, house, park, garage, store, or just about any other landmark in the game world. The Point of Interests in Navezgane are always the same and in the same locations because the world is static. In Random World Generation the Point of Interests spawn in different locations and Biomes depending on the XML config file Data/Config/rwgmixer.xml. Most Point of Interests have a Prefab to go along with them. Points of Interest are divided in different tiers ranging from 1 to 7, which are represented by the skulls in the POI notification. Depending on the tier (the higher the tier - the higher the risk), different zombies and loot can appear. Traders quests such as "Restore Power", "Fetch", "Clear the Area" always take place in a POI.

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