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Police Car[ | ]

Overview[ | ]

The Police Car is a unique type of abandoned car found in certain POIs. They have different loot from ordinary cars, such as bullets, high-end weapons and tools, and medical supplies. They start out locked, much like a safe and can be lockpicked, taking about 13 seconds with maxed out Lock Picking, or they can be broken open. Lockpicks are generally recommended, as attempting to bash open a Police Car will trigger its siren and jam it, requiring the player to hit it more to get the siren to stop and the car to open. The Police Car's siren will summon a large amount of zombies to investigate, usually comparable or of a higher game state level to a Screamer Zombie.

The spawns will almost always include a Feral Wight and a Feral Infected Police Officer, as well as other Feral or Radiated Zombies.