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Police Station
The Police Station at the very north end of Highway 73
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Category Point of Interest

Coordinates 1747 N, 498 W

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Overview[ | ]

The Police Station is a pre-existing structure. It is a good place to stock up on weapons and ammo. The Police Station was added in Alpha 7.3. There is a gun safe in the shooting range on the second story far right building.

As of A19, there is a main loot room on the second story in the back right of the building that contains: one munitions box, one gun and equipment rack, one shotgun messiah crate and one bookshelf.

Police Stations have been seen in the random generated maps as well although rare.

Location in Navezgane[ | ]

The Police Station is found in the Plains biome west Navezgane Survivors.

Map police station

Location in Random World Generation[ | ]

Police Stations can be found in cities and towns.

Images[ | ]

Video Tutorial : Alpha 13.8[ | ]

The video below shows the coordinates to the police station in Navezgane and demonstrates the types of loot containers and some loot as of alpha 13.8

Notes[ | ]

  • Currently the Police Station will spawn 1 to 2 Infected Police Officers even if the "Enemy Spawn" settings are set to "disable"(likely due to a bug). These zombies are perhaps the most challenging zombies to fight, so be prepared before entering the Police Station. However once these are slain they do not appear to respawn.
  • Currently contains one Munitions Boxes, two Wall Safes and two Gun Safes. Due to the amount of time it takes to open all of these it would be prudent to clear any nearby zombies before attempting to loot them.