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Quests are missions given to the player, either automatically, as in the case of White River Citizen and the Tutorial Quests, or by looting a note or map. In the latter case, once looted, the note can be read to grant the quest. Alternatively it can be kept in the player's inventory or storage until the player is ready to accept it.

Types of Quest[ | ]

There 3 types of Quest:

  • Tutorial Quests - Given to the player upon first spawning into a world, these quests are meant to teach the player the basics of the game. They are granted every time the player spawns the first time into a world. These quests includes the Basic Survival and White River Citizen quests. Completing the 8th tutorial quest, the one before finding a trader, rewards 4 skill points. This is an extremely helpful boost in the early game.
  • Treasure Quest - gives they player a waypoint to a randomly chosen location. Once there, the player must find the treasure, usually by digging downwards, to complete the quest. The reward is the treasure itself. The treasure chest is locked, so appropriate preparations should be taken.
  • Trader Quests - Randomly generated quest given by the various traders with various rewards. Doing enough of these quests gives access to higher tier quests with even better rewards. Also, doing enough quests for a trader will unlock a special quest where the player is sent to another trader which they may or may not have seen yet. The rewards of these quests are affected by the The Daring Adventurer perk.

Sharing Quests[ | ]

To share a Quests with another player press TAB and there will be a Quest Icon on the top right of the window that looks like an Exclamation Point. Select that tab. On the left you will see your quest's name. Click on the quest. On the top of that window there are icons and over to the right there is an Icon of a group of people. Click this to Share Quests.

When someone else shares a Quests with you it will show up in the Shared Quests list beneath your current and completed quests. Click on a quest in this list, and click on the check mark at the top of the Shared Quests list to accept it.

When a quest has been accepted by multiple people all must be present at the designated Point of Interest in order to begin the job. If one or more players are too far away then the quest activation marker will prompt the quest holder and warn them that not all party members are present, letting them choose to continue with the present members or close the prompt and wait for everyone to arrive. Once all players are present the quest activation marker will allow the players to proceed unprompted.

All quest objectives are shared except fetch objectives. Clearing all zombies, finding buried treasure, and starting a generator to restore power are all completed as a team. You do these objectives once and that part of the quest is considered complete for everyone.

Fetch objectives require every player to locate their own White River Supplies. Every player will get a marker on their compass which points to their particular cache of the supplies in a Courier Satchel. The satchels are not necessarily the same for each player, and tend to be in wildly differing locations. It is possible to discover another player's satchel, however it will appear empty to anyone other than the person whom it is intended. Still, it is a good idea to let other players know the rough location of the satchels.

Every player must turn in the shared quest individually. Every player gets their own reward upon turning it in, but the random rewards may be different between players.

Turning in a shared quest does count towards the completion of the quest tier. It is possible to get to a higher tier of quests without ever initiating one yourself, as long as you have another player to share quests with you.

List of Quests[ | ]

Treasure Quest[ | ]

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Tutorial Quests[ | ]

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