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Category Animal
Type Passive%Unknown NPC Type
Zombie Type
Entity-ID 60
Drops Raw Meat
Animal Fat
Loot Container
Location Forest and Desert


HP (Normal) 10
HP (Feral)
HP (Radiated)
HP (Legendary)
Entity Damage
Block Damage
Crit Ratio


Rabbits are wild animals commonly found in the Forest and Desert biome. Rabbits are passive and will try to avoid the player. Even though Rabbits are very weak and die very fast they are extremely fast, hard to see, and hard to hit. Most times finding a Rabbit in grassy and hilly areas is harder than killing it, so it is recommended to hunt them in the Desert biome. The Rabbit makes a distinct high-pitched sound upon dying, indicating the Rabbit was killed.


It is recommended to use a Bone Knife, Hunting Knife, or Machete when harvesting because it will provide the player with more resources than any other tool or weapon Rabbits will not drop any loot upon being killed but can be harvested for the following:

Other Passive Animals[]