Random World Generation (RWG) is the name given to the generation of a game using the random gen map in 7 Days to Die.

The random gen map is a randomly generated world created using your game name as the seed.

When a player opts to play using RWG, the name they give the game decides how the terrain will be generated and which Points of Interest will be placed where. For example, a game using the name "Survive PvP" will be completely different from a game using the name "Survival PvP", both of which will be different from a game using the name "7 Days to Die".

Biomes and Areas

RWG contains different Biomes and areas



Points of Interest

RWG contains Points of Interest (POI's) that are randomly placed based on a set of rules. Some of these POI's are exclusive to RWG.

Most POI's have a Prefab to go along with them. See List of Locations for a list of all locations that can be found in RWG.


Cell Rules

The terrain in a map is broken up into cells whose size is specified in [Data/Config/rwgmixer.xml]. Below is a list of cell rules including the probability that each cell rule will be implemented in any given cell

  • Cell Rule - Default - 100% chance

Hub and Wilderness Rules

Each cell rule also comes with a hub rule determining what type of settlement can spawn in the cell, and what type of settlement can spawn in the cell, and a wilderness rule determining what can spawn in the wilderness of a cell. As of Alpha 15.2 High Density and Low Density cell rules have the exact same hub rules. Here is a list of hub rules and wilderness rules for each cell rule.

Cell Rule - Default

  • Hub Rule - Town Small - 27.27% chance
  • Hub Rule - Town Large - 27.27% chance
  • Hub Rule - City Small - 9.09% chance
  • Hub Rule - City Large - 9.09% chance
  • Hub Rule - Rural - 27.27% chance
  • Wilderness Rule - Wilderness Default - 100% chance

Prefab Rules

Every hub rule and wilderness rule contains a prefab rule to determine what Prefabs can be spawned in that hub/wilderness. These makeup each individual building in the game including variations and is very comprehensive.

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