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{{Infobox item
|image = AmmunitionNationBook.png
|caption = example of a Hardbound recipe book
|unlocks = Crafting recipes
|group = Books
|category = Recipe Book
|ob_loot = 1
|removed_version = Alpha 17
'''{{PAGENAME}}s''' were lootable items found inside [[Bookcase|bookcases]] as well as many containers at random locations throughout the map. Using a recipe book unlocked new recipes to craft various weapons and tools. The new recipe or recipes the player learned were added to the recipe list found to the left of the crafting grid.
* A recipe was displayed in grey if the player had not crafted the item previously and didn't have the correct materials.
* A recipe was displayed in white if the player had the correct materials but hadn't crafted the item previously.
* A recipe was displayed in green if the player had the correct materials in their inventory and they had crafted the item previously.
To read a book, it had to be in a tool belt slot and needed to be activated by mouse clicking.
Recipes were permanently unlocked, whereas recipe books could be lost or destroyed.
Recipe books disappeared when read. Since the release of Alpha 16, you can no longer read the same book or schematic for experience. If you try, the message "All recipes already known" will appear at the bottom of the screen. Additional copies of recipe books can be given or traded to other survivors or a trader, as well as burned for fuel in a [[Campfire]] or [[Forge]] or crafted to paper.
Each {{PAGENAME}} has a unique title and a description which has a reference to the weapon or tool recipes it contains. The list below shows the titles currently available and which recipes they contain. To view more information for any given title click on it to access its specific article.
There are two different types of {{PAGENAME}}. They all work the same way, and differ only by appearance:
: [[file:AmmunitionNationBook.png|75px]] '''''Books'''''
: [[file:Schematic.png|75px]] '''''Schematic'''''
: [[file:TheEnforcerMagazine.png|40px|link=Enforcer Magazine]] [[Enforcer Magazine]]
: [[file:HuntingKnifeBook.png|40px|link=Hunting Knife Book]] [[Hunting Knife Book]]
: [[file:MinibikesForDumbshits.png|40px|link=Minibikes For Dumbshits]] [[Minibikes For Dumbshits]]
: [[file:PistolBook.png|40px|link=Pistol Book]] [[Pistol Book]]
: [[file:BeerBook.png|40px|link=Tasting and Brewing]] [[Tasting and Brewing]]
: [[file:PaintingDecorations.png|40px|link=Painting]] [[Painting Decorations]]
: [[file:PaintingFaux.png|40px|link=Painting]] [[Painting Faux]]
: [[file:PaintingMasonry.png|40px|link=Painting]] [[Painting Masonry]]
: [[file:PaintingMetal.png|40px|link=Painting]] [[Painting Metal]]
: [[file:PaintingWallCoverings.png|40px|link=Painting]] [[Painting Wall Coverings]]
: [[file:PaintingWoodAndRoofing.png|40px|link=Painting]] [[Painting Wood And Roofing]]
: [[file:IronBootsSchematic.png|40px|link=Iron Boots Schematic]] [[Iron Boots Schematic]]
: [[file:IronChestArmorSchematic.png|40px|link=Iron Chest Armor Schematic]] [[Iron Chest Armor Schematic]]
: [[file:IronGlovesSchematic.png|40px|link=Iron Gloves Schematic]] [[Iron Gloves Schematic]]
: [[file:IronHelmetSchematic.png|40px|link=Iron Helmet Schematic]] [[Iron Helmet Schematic]]
: [[file:IronLegArmorSchematic.png|40px|link=Iron Leg Armor Schematic]] [[Iron Leg Armor Schematic]]
: [[file:LeatherBootsSchematic.png|40px|link=Leather Boots Schematic]] [[Leather Boots Schematic]]
: [[file:LeatherGlovesSchematic.png|40px|link=Leather Gloves Schematic]] [[Leather Gloves Schematic]]
: [[file:LeatherHatSchematic.png|40px|link=Leather Hood Schematic]] [[Leather Hood Schematic]]
: [[file:LeatherJacketSchematic.png|40px|link=Leather Jacket Schematic]] [[Leather Jacket Schematic]]
: [[file:LeatherPantsSchematic.png|40px|link=Leather Pants Schematic]] [[Leather Pants Schematic]]
: [[file:Ak47Schematic.png|40px|link=Ak 47 Schematic]] [[Ak 47 Schematic]]
: [[file:CrossbowSchematic.png|40px|link=Crossbow Schematic]] [[Crossbow Schematic]]
: [[file:CompoundSchematic.png|40px|link=Compound Schematic]] [[Compound Schematic]]
: [[file:HuntingRifleSchematic.png|40px|link=Hunting Rifle Schematic]] [[Hunting Rifle Schematic]]
: [[file:PumpShotgunSchematic.png|40px|link=Shotgun Schematic]] [[Shotgun Schematic]]
: [[file:SledgehammerSchematic.png|40px|link=Sledgehammer Schematic]] [[Sledgehammer Schematic]]
: [[file:SmgSchematics.png|40px|link=SMG Schematic]] [[SMG Schematic]]
: [[file:SniperRifleSchematic.png|40px|link=Sniper Rifle Schematic]] [[Sniper Rifle Schematic]]
: [[file:ClubSpikedSchematic.png|40px|link=Spiked Club Schematic]] [[Spiked Club Schematic]]
: [[file:ExplodingCrossbowBoltSchematic.png|40px|link=Exploding Crossbow Bolt Schematic]] [[Exploding Crossbow Bolt Schematic]]
: [[file:FlamingArrowSchematic.png|40px|link=Flaming Arrow Schematic]] [[Flaming Arrow Schematic]]
: [[file:ShotgunSlugSchematic.png|40px|link=Shotgun Slug Schematic]] [[Shotgun Slug Schematic]]
: [[file:AugerSchematic.png|40px|link=Auger Schematic]] [[Auger Schematic]]
: [[file:BatteryBankSchematic.png|40px|link=Battery Bank Schematic]] [[Battery Bank Schematic]]
: [[file:ChainsawSchematic.png|40px|link=Chainsaw Schematic]][[Chainsaw Schematic]]
: [[file:FirstAidKitSchematic.png|40px|link=First Aid Kit Schematic]] [[First Aid Kit Schematic]]
: [[file:GasCanSchematic.png|40px|link=Gas Can Schematic]] [[Gas Can Schematic]]
* As of Alpha 14, most Schematics have been removed from the game and have been replaced by Perks instead (for example, the ability to make steel and concrete are both locked behind Perks instead of schematics). To get these Perks, you must have a high enough level in a certain skill (for example, to get the Steel Perk you need to be level 40 in the Construction Skill to get the Concrete Perk you need to be level 20 in the Construction Skill) and you need to spend skill points on these Perks to make them more efficient, similar to how Quality Joe works. However, some schematics are still in the game. For example, to be able to craft beer you would need to read [[Tasting and Brewing]].
* Recipe Books were completely replaced by [[Schematic]]s and [[Perk Books]] in Alpha 18.
[[ru:Книга рецептов]]

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