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Red Mesa
In-game screenshot
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Category Point of Interest
Biome Any
Coordinates 1932 S, 605 W

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Red Mesa is a government installation. The sign outside of Red Mesa reads 'Red Mesa Restricted'. This is the location of 2 nukes, one of which is missing.


The perimeter of Red Mesa is made up of a strong stone wall and topped with barbed wire. The front entrance is blocked by a large metal gate. The installation consists of several underground levels which contain an average amount of loot, in addition to a kitchen and a parking garage. On these floors, large computer systems can be found, which can be dismantled with a wrench for an ample amount of electrical parts and electronic components. In addition, several mobile spotlights can be found throughout the ground level and picked up using a wrench.

As of A19, this POI has been SIGNIFICANTLY updated to be more like a dungeon style POI. The zombies here can be difficult to defeat at any level of the game since the POI has very tight corners and not a lot of room to move around. It can take some time to navigate the POI. The end of POI loot is as follows: one munitions crate, one gun safe, one large ammo pile, two shotgun messiah crates, and one equipment rack.

Location in Navezgane[]

Red Mesa is located in the Desert at 1932 S, 605 W.

Map installation red mesa.jpg



Red Mesa is a direct reference to the fictional science company from the Half-Life series, Black Mesa.