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Red Mesa
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Category Point of Interest

Coordinates 1932 S, 605 W

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Red Mesa is a government/military installation. It is a missile silo, not unlike those from the cold war era. The sign outside of Red Mesa reads 'Red Mesa Restricted'. The silo has 2 nuclear ICBMs, with one of them still unlaunched.

Overview[ | ]

The perimeter of Red Mesa is made up of a strong stone wall and topped with barbed wire. The front entrance is blocked by a large metal gate. The outer perimeter is surrounded by a minefield. The installation consists of 3 underground levels which contain an above average amount of loot, residential areas, parking garage and a launch control room.

As of A19, this POI has been significantly updated to be more like a dungeon style POI. The zombies here can be difficult to defeat at any level of the game since the POI has very tight corners and not a lot of room to move around. It can take some time to navigate the POI. The end of POI loot, aside from the reinforced chest, is as follows: one munitions crate, one gun safe, one large ammo pile, two shotgun messiah crates, and one equipment rack. As of alpha 21, the Red Mesa missile silo is a tier 5 POI.

Layout[ | ]

Outside there is an ID station, and a bridge over the minefield surrounding the compound. Inside the yard, there are several trucks, a tent, and a collapsed metal door. It appears a box truck crashed into the main door, destroying the wall. This indicates a rouge group of survivors attacked the facility. This is compounded by the fact there are very few arms and ammunition lying around the facility.

On the first basement floor is a parking garage, a sealed hallway to a personal elevator, a generator room, a freight elevator, storage room and a small reception area. Past the office, there is a station where fuel is being stored for the rocket. From the fuel room, one enters the silo.

Carefully navigating downwards the silo reveals one missile not launched, but it cannot be mined for anything special, such as uranium, a warhead or fuel. This is likely an artistic limitation, as there would be only one source of uranium or warheads. At the bottom of the silo is a hole in the wall leading into the third basement level, which consists of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, an exercise room, a maintenance tunnel.

Going to the elevator, one goes up to the 2nd floor, revealing a cafeteria, more maintenance tunnels, the launch control room, and a place where underground food was grown.

On these floors, large computer systems can be found, which can be dismantled with a wrench for an ample amount of electrical parts and electronic components. In addition, several mobile spotlights can be found throughout the ground level and picked up using a wrench.

Location in Navezgane[ | ]

Red Mesa is located in the Desert at 1932 S, 605 W.

Map installation red mesa

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Red Mesa is a direct reference to the fictional science company from the Half-Life series, Black Mesa.
  • Red Mesa is also a reference to missile silos across Arizona, the most famous of them is the Titan Missile Museum