“If food would ever spoil then it would be a good idea to keep it in here.”


The Refrigerator is a crafted block that has 24 storage slots. Any item can be stored in this container, if food is stored, no smell will be emitted from the Refrigerator.

When this block is placed, it can no longer be picked up and will be disassembled if the player uses the Wrench on it.

This block is found in nearly every style of house or home.


When the Refrigerator is disassembled the following items can be acquired:

Image Name Count % Chance
Mechanical Parts.png Mechanical Parts 1 - 2 10%
Electrical Parts.png Electrical Parts 1 - 6
Electronic Components.png Electronic Components 0 - 2
ShortIronPipe.png Short Iron Pipe 1
ScrapIron.png Iron 20 - 50
Scrap Plastics.png Scrap Plastics 0 - 3 20%


Refrigerator is crafted at the Workbench.png Workbench with the following items :

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